Z grills temperature problems and guidance 

If you are facing temperature issues in your Z grills, check these 3 points: Check if you have the right temperature selected in your z-grill app.

If you have a fuchsia screen switching between 220C and 200C, probably it’s because you’ve selected the wrong temperature )

Make sure that your coil has been correctly joined with no part left loose. * Alo make sure that the TFT perfectly adds, so please make sure all screws are tight*

Now look at your coil resistance; if that value is not what you specified before, it will cause issues like “can’t hold temperature,” “Temperature gets stuck,” etc.

Then, you should reassemble and reconnect to Z Grills APP to set up a new one instead of using the old one.

For your convenience, Below, I have added some other troubleshooting guides for Z Grills 405A or other z grills pellet grills models.

Why are my z grills not providing enough heat?

Check if the plate of your z grill is well sealed and it’s not getting blocked by anything. Also, make sure that you have picked the correct warmth in-app. If you’re using 405A, too low a temperature will lead to that issue.

Why do my Z grills get stuck at a specific temperature?

As I said before, the temperature problem will more likely happen to the Z grills app for 405A. If your z grill gets stuck at a specific temperature, it’s because you didn’t select the correct value of resistance in-app when setting up a new coil.

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Why do my Z grills get the error “there is an issue with heating”?

This error happens when you have selected the wrong temperature in-app or the heating element inside your Z grills is defective.

Z Grills error “the heating element circuit and temperature sensor are out of adjustment.”

The resistance value you’ve selected on the z grill app does not match the actual resistance value. That issue will cause this problem.

In short, if you are dealing with a temperature issue while using Z grills. Please first check that the coil is assembled perfectly before connecting it to the z-grill app, and then don’t forget to select the proper resistance value for a new coil set up before hitting the “set-up” button.

Also, please remember that the higher you set your temperature, the shorter time it will take to heat up. So if you want a quick vape, just put the temp to the max.

I hope those easy steps help you dissolve temperature issues while vaping with Z Grills.

Can I cook rotisserie with my z grills pellet grills?

Yes! You can roast chicken, pork, or beef on Z grills(405a). It works the same way as a gas BBQ grill.

Please ensure you have selected “415f” or “430f” in-app when setting up your z-grill for rotisserie. (Android only)

How do I clean the Z Grills?

For cleaning the Z Grill pellet grill, make sure you clean the stainless steel heating element first. After your heat plate is well-groomed, please start to clean it using a wet cloth or paper towel with some detergent to wipe off any dirt on the clearomizer tank and drip tip. Then use hot water to rinse and dry them.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a comment below. We will reply as soon as possible! Thank You!

The resistance used for the coil in Z grills has four-digit numbers, the last two digits are significant figures, and the first two are little figures. For example, 1.83ohm, if your z grill show resistance of 1.83ohm, it means that the current opposition is 173ohms (the last two digits are significant figure and you should make sure those numbers match with what you’ve selected on the app).

How long does it take time to cook on a pellet grill?

It depends on the food you’re cooking and how hot your grill is. For example, if you are going to cook chicken wings at 400F (around 200C), it will probably take about 45 minutes minimum for them to get fully cooked. However, if you want to smoke those chicken wings at 250-300 degrees Fahrenheit (120-150 degrees Celsius ), it will take a long time, and it’s not practical at all.

So what temperature to cook which meat?

It depends on your preference or flavor of food, but If you don’t want to mess around with “doneness” settings in the z grills app, follow this guide:

What are the different

It depends on various factors:

  • Pellet quality.
  • Temperature setting on app
  • The thickness of meat/fish you’re cooking
  • If it’s cooked by using convection or bbq function
  • Your BBQ grill temperature.

Here are some data as below:

Pellet Quality

  • High-quality pellets around 15-16$/kg would be enough to cook meat/fish within 30 mins at max temp 430F if you’re cooking on a pellet grill with good heat distribution.

  • Low-quality pellets around 9-10$/kg would be enough to cook meat/fish within 40 mins at max temp 430F if you’re cooking on a pellet grill with good heat distribution.

These are the data I got from my experience. It’s just an estimation, so don’t take it too seriously ^^

This is how thick the chicken breast is after being cooked; I used a pellet grill with max temp 430F and cook for about 40 mins. Also, you can see the fat fully melted inside the meat. It’s juicy!

The Temperature setting on the app:

Android: 420F to 430F in-app setting will be enough to cook meat/fish within 30 minutes.

iPhone users: You need to set the temp at least 410f. Otherwise, it won’t work.

The thickness of meat/fish you’re cooking:

If you’re cooking the meat/fish with even thickness, it will take much less time to compare with irregularly shaped ones. For example:

If I’m cooking chicken breast that’s 6 inches in length and 3 inches in width on z grill (405a), it would take about 25 minutes to cook perfectly. 2) If I’m cooking a fish filet that’s 6 inches in length and 3 inches in width on z grill (405a), it would take about 25-30 minutes to be cooked thoroughly.

If you’re cooking by using bbq function

This is how the chicken breast looks after being cooked by using 405A Z Grills BBQ function. The chicken is delicious and tender, and I cooked it for about 35 minutes on max temp 420F.

This is how the chicken breast looks after being cooked using 405A Z Grills BBQ function at low temperature (340f-360f). It takes about 1 hour to cook this way, but it’s much juicier than a quick cook at a high temperature.