Wines that Go Well with Foie Gras

What is foie gras without wine, right? Traditionally, foie gras goes well with wine. Foie gras tastes best when it is served with wine, especially with white wine. Choosing the right wine with your foie gras enhances the taste of the dish. If you are wondering which wine with foie gras goes well, then here are some options that are available for you.

·      White Wine

Traditionally foie gras is severed with white wine. It is then served with a sweet condiment like onion marmalade. Some of the brands of white wine include Cotes, Jurancon, Gaillac, Bergerac, etc. You can also choose wines such as Pinot Gris for the best taste. Many people also think that dry white wine also makes a great combination with foie gras. However, you should avoid too much wine as it can get acidic.

·      Red Wine

Red wine also goes well with foie gras. However, red wine was not served traditionally. But with the changing tastes and traditions, red wine found its way to be served with foie gras. Red wine is gentle and hence, it is served with foie gras when is an appetizer. You can have a wine like St Emilion, Pommerol, etc. that is some years old. You should avoid drinking wine that is too light or is too green.

·      Champagne with Foie Gras

If you thought that you can only have red or white wine with foie gras, then you should try champagne as well. The brand and type of champagne depend on the kind of foie gras you are having. For example, you can have light and fresh champagne with a goose foie gras. However, with duck foie gras it is best to have along with powerful champagne. Also, if your foie gras is being accompanied by something sweet, then you should with champagne that is mellow. You can choose brands like Crémant de Limoux for your foie gras.

The choice of wine or champagne depends a lot on what type of foie gras you are having. This is important to understand so that you get the best taste of wine with foie gras and they complement each other. If you are not sure which wine to go for, then ask an expert and make the best choice. You should make sure that you are choosing a fine quality wine to have the best experience of foie gras and wine.