4 Tips for Picking the Best Faucet for Every Sink in Your Singapore Home

You will want to replace your old faucets when you renovate your kitchens or bathrooms. You do not always have to choose the latest faucet design to seem stylish and contemporary. Here are four tips for picking the perfect faucet for your new kitchen or bathroom.

#1 Do Not Focus on the Looks & Style

Most individuals pick a faucet based only on its appearance and how it will look in the sink of their homes in Singapore. It is a mistake you should not make. Looks are crucial, but you can typically get the desired style without sacrificing convenience or long-term dependability.

#2 Determine the Right Amount to Spend

Budget for a bath faucet and a kitchen faucet. You may obtain an excellent faucet for less money, but you are more likely to acquire a low-quality faucet. Moreover, you might want to spend a lot more on the latest faucet design. However, you may be paying for additional frills or flair rather than fundamental dependability or durability.

#3 Find Out the Proper Spout & Reach

The height and reach of faucet spouts vary. Most of the time, you may select the style you like. However, a tall waterspout may not fit if you have a shelf over the sink. Ask your contractor to suggest the perfect spout height for the various sink designs in your Singapore home for a more efficient and appropriate selection.

#4 Some Finishes are More Durable

Chrome is the most durable and easiest to clean for faucet and handshower options. Nickel coatings are also durable but are prone to fingerprints and watermarks. Bronze finishes have a coating that prevents stains and smudges. However, it is not as durable as metal. Determine how much time you want to spend polishing your faucets, showerheads and shower mixers before deciding on a finish.


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