4 Mistakes When Making A Signage In Singapore

The primary purpose of signage in Singapore businesses is to become a silent salesperson. Signages attract people to come into your store. It communicates what products or services you offer. For example, service businesses may put ‘repair’ on their signage to inform people they can repair things. But sometimes, business owners make mistakes with their signage.

Here are the common mistakes people make with their signboard in Singapore:

1. Terrible colour scheme choice

Colours can make or break your signage design. Firstly, there is a psychology behind colours. They can evoke moods. For example, red can trigger hunger. It is why fast-food chains like KFC and Wendy’s have red in their colour schemes.

Design-wise, choosing a contrasting colour is an intelligent choice if you want your sign to be visible at a distance. But too much contrast can be an eye pain. Your signboard maker in Singapore can help you with your colour scheme.

2. Too much information

There are signs that only include the name of the shop. Some add their services, such as repair, while others include their contact number. The rule of thumb is never to add paragraphs to your signage. Keep it short and simple as what a signage maker says in Singapore.

3. Illegible

Signage in Singapore can be illegible when there is too much information on the signboard, the text is too thin and small, the spacing is too narrow, or the font choice is a script.

Your signage is ineffective when people cannot read anything on it, so ensure your signboard is readable even at a distance.

4. Terrible location

No matter how appealing your signage in Singapore is, if you place it in a less crowded place, behind other signages, or too low to be visible at a distance, it will never draw people to your business.

Don’t waste your money on a terrible signboard. Make sure to avoid these mistakes when making signage in Singapore.

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