5 Arcade Machines You Need – Cotton Candy Machine and More

Whether you want to set up a temporary arcade section for a carnival or an arcade as a business venture, you must ensure you get the best arcade machines for sale in Singapore. Having the most well-known types of machines in your arcade will help children have a more fun experience without getting bored quickly. Here are five types of arcade machines you need for your arcade.

1. Electro-Mechanical Games

It may not be noticeable from the name alone, but many arcade games fall under this category. Electro-mechanical games refer to machines that need a combination of electronic circuitry and mechanical actions from the player to influence what happens in the game. One example of a typical electro-mechanical game is racing games, where players have to turn a steering wheel to control their car. Another is shooting arcade games, where they have a gun prop to shoot at targets that appear in the game’s cabinet. Find a few different types of electro-mechanical arcade machines for sale in Singapore to start your arcade.

2. Pinball Machines

Despite only containing one game, pinball machines are in their own category because of how iconic the game has become, especially in arcade settings. You can get a pinball machine in Singapore that’s themed around different things, such as famous children’s movies. There are also pinball machines that add something new to the existing rules of the game, enticing children who are bored of the original game to try it out.

3. Merchandiser Games

No arcade is complete without the classic claw machine! Merchandiser games refer to games that give out prizes to successful players. These prizes can be anything from plushies to coins and even gadgets. If you’re trying to save your budget, you can limit rewards to smaller things, such as candy. When looking for merchandiser arcade machines for sale in Singapore, look for some iconic types, such as claw machines and coin pusher games.

4. Arcade Video Games

Video games are another prominent part of an arcade, so getting a few different video game machines for your arcade is a good idea. Some of the best genres for arcade video game machines include fighting games, rhythm games, and horror games. You can also get the arcade ports of famous video games like Mario.

5. Food Stalls and Machines

If you’re hosting a carnival or other temporary event, it’s a good idea to put food stalls near the arcade machines in case the kids get hungry. Try getting iconic carnival food stalls to work near the arcade section, such as hot dogs and pretzels. You can also get automated food machines that are easy for kids to operate without supervision, such as an automated cotton candy machine.

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