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5 Ways to Improve Your TV Reception



Nearly 30 million people watch broadcast television in prime time and millions more watch throughout the day. That popularity of broadcast TV largely stems from the fact that picking up TV signals with home antennas is free!

The big drawback to building your entertainment funnel around antennas is that TV reception can be unreliable.

Any antenna owner probably has a story or two about how they had to futz with their device to get a clear picture during a big moment in a show or a sports competition. To avoid those annoyances happening to you, we invite you to keep reading and take in a handful of helpful tips on how you can make the signals your antenna pulls in more consistent and enjoyable.

  1. Buy a Better Antenna

Every year, new HD antennas hit the market that are slimmer and more powerful. Investing in one could solve all of your TV reception issues.

In general, if your indoor antenna is more than 5 years old and it’s struggling, it’s time to upgrade. More robust, outdoor antennas should be good for longer than that, so exercise your judgment when dealing with those.

  1. Point Your Antenna Towards Signals

Antennas pick up broadcast signals from transmitters that are positioned miles away from your home. By pointing your antenna towards your favorite broadcast signals, you can boost your TV reception substantially.

If you’re not sure where your go-to stations’ broadcast tower is, check out the FCC’s tower mapping tool.

  1. Raise Your Antenna

The higher your antenna is off the ground, the less likely it is to contend with obstructions. That’s why, in general, roof antennas perform better than indoor antennas.

Whether your antenna is on your roof or in your home, if you have the means to give it more altitude, do so. You may find that your signal improves instantly.

  1. Be Wary of Electronic Interference

Electronic interference is a chief contributor to common TV reception issues. That has become especially true in recent years since homes have become flooded with cellphones, WIFI, and the like.

To best ensure that signals from your electronics are not interfering with your antenna’s reception, keep smart home devices and phones away from your antenna. You may also want to test turning off your home WIFI and phone to see definitively how miscellaneous signals are disrupting your television.

  1. Invest in a Booster

If nothing you’re trying works to upgrade your TV antenna reception and you don’t want to buy a new antenna, try investing in a booster. Boosters come in all shapes and sizes and work to amplify TV signals in your home so your antenna can better pick them up.

Most boosters will run cheaper than higher-end antennas so buying one instead of replacing your antenna outright could be a cost-effective solution.

Great TV Reception May Be One or Two Adjustments Away

There’s nothing better than getting free, great-looking television piped into your home. We hope the tips we’ve given you on TV reception enable you to achieve that end.

If you’re still struggling to get the picture quality you’re seeking, we welcome you to read more related and potentially insightful content on how to fix TV reception problems in our blog!