Beach Wedding Planning Inspiration

Without any doubt, a beach wedding is a great experience in itself. Exchanging vows with the ocean in the backdrop, wind-tousled hair and surroundings of the loved one is the best-planned beach wedding. The sound of ocean waves and the cool breeze makes you feel closer to nature. Enjoy your wedding most exotically and uniquely oceanside, but be careful with the planning. We have noted down a few points around which you can plan your beach wedding!!

Choose the Right Time

Never plan a beach wedding without thinking of the weather around those days. Choose the right month and dates where you don’t get to face any unexpected rains or high tides. In India, the months between October to March are ideal for beach weddings (Southern India). Ideally, the weather is also pleasant and no rains are expected at all during these months.

Perfect Location

Many Indian coastal cities offer to have a beach wedding. Majority of best Indian beaches are in the Southern part. The most sought-after Indian cities for beach weddings are Andaman Nicobar Islands, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Pondicherry, and Goa. There are many pros and cons to every location. You must research well before booking the value and must know about all the permission work if any required.

Venue Décor

Beach wedding means peaceful, close to nature and soothing experience. Add some floral touch to the wedding décor with some light shade drapes and elegant candles. Make sure the flowers you use to decorate the venue can stand the tropical temperature. Avoid the bright décor and huge centerpieces and big hangings as it will be an outdoors wedding, hence the wind might cause some damage.  Keep it simple and add more of coastal touch to it. Ask the closed ones to write some good wishes for the couple and you can hang that wedding wishes images at the venue!

Wedding Attires and Accessories

This is for both the bride and the groom- keep it simple with your wedding attire. Brides must avoid heavy and dark shades of lehenga. It is highly recommended to go with the pastel shades for the wedding clothes with some floral prints. Choose the jewellery which won’t look over the top and should look pleasant. Also, avoid heals because heals are not the favorite type of footwear at the beach. You can go for some cute flats with shells or pearls on them which adds the beachy touch to it. But, in the end, it is your wedding and it is your choice!!

Invitations and Cake

The wedding invites are to be done in the beginning only. As you are planning a beach wedding then you must make sure it is reflected in the invites. Add some beachy pattern to the invites with sand, shells and other things which showcase beach, printed on the invites. When you order your wedding cake, make sure they design something with corals edibles items. Ask them to use more blues and greens to the cake!!

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