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There are a few individuals who doesn’t know what coffee is. Coffee is a daily beverage for most of the people in the world. Coffee is the second most valuable commodity exported by developing countries. Also called the “stone fruit”, coffee’s texture appears like a flat-shaped kidney that faces each other. 

A particular type of coffee bean has only one seed, which comes from berries called “peaberries”. If your coffee is perfect, it is because of the selection of the correct berries. We at Gimoka take extreme care in selecting the right berries for your morning drink.

More than 60 countries are involved in coffee plantation and production. Depending on the areas, methods of cultivation differ. Coffee seeds are mostly cultivated in mountain slopes because of their need for cool temperatures. The seeds are separated from cherries and are cleaned, dried and sorted.

What are the most commonly used coffee flavors? 

There are plenty of coffee flavors that have recently originated. But, only a very few are repetitively famous throughout. A survey says that Arabica and Robusta are the most preferred coffee varieties in the world.  

Arabica flavored coffee beans contain 0.8- 1.5% of caffeine content and the Robusta has 1.7-4% caffeine Content. Arabica coffee beans mostly come from the lands of Ethiopia, as they have suitable temperatures for coffee cultivation. People who generally prefer to drink strong flavored coffee prefer Robusta beans while the people who prefer lesser caffeine content and taste go for Arabica. At present, Brazil is the highest cultivator of Arabica and Vietnam produces the highest amount of Robusta. These are the most commonly used Coffee flavors of UK. 

What do we do at Gimoka? 

Caffeine mostly found in coffee beans, is also composed of many energetic and nutritional supplements. We at Gimoka gives the highest priority to our customer’s preferences and select the perfect coffee berries and dry roast them to give you the perfect coffee flavor and aroma. 

Gimoka offers the best in town coffee beans in packed forms of Gran Bar, Corpo, Dulcis Vitae, Gimoka Black, Anima, Aurum, Platinum, and 5 Stelle. Every Pack has a unique taste and aroma, specially curated as per the customer’s preferences.   

These coffee beans are carefully picked and roasted according to the Italian preference and give out the best combination of aroma, fragrance, taste, acidity, and intensity.  To Lose weight is a challenging task for many individuals – who prefer to have coffee from green coffee beans. Green coffee beans are clinically proven for nutritional supplements because it contains chlorogenic acid content and for its lipolytic compounds has weight-loss components. 

Flavors of Gimoka’s Coffee Beans

Below is a detailed description of the different varieties of Gimoka’s coffee beans. Gimoka sells its coffee from a minimum of 1kg pack to a wholesale count of 6-12 1 kg packs. 

Gran Bar Coffee Beans – A coffee of intense aroma and a light balanced flavor with a combination of dense cream and give a final taste of chocolate, Gran Bar coffee beans are of 20% Arabica beans and 80% Robusta. These are generally mEdium roasted, to give a light flavor. 

Corpo Coffee Beans –  These beans give a dark blended strong coffee with a taste of toasted bread and biscuits, as they are a 100% composition of Robusta. They are highly roasted to give a dark taste lingering in mouths. 

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Dulci Vitae Coffee Beans – Though composed of 100% Robusta, this flavor is medium roasted to give an intense aromatic creamy coffee, unique enough to experience the aroma of Robusta, with a lesser intensity. 

Gimoka Black Coffee Beans – Gimoka’s Favorite, this combination is about a medium blend of 40:60 % Arabica: Robusta to give a whole-bodied strong aromatic coffee. This bean gives a light and balanced coffee, without showing outfits caffeine content. 

Anima Coffee Beans – A form of softness, medium roasted to give a balanced coffee between the body and the acid content. This flavor consists of 70% of Robusta and 30% of Arabica. They have a perfect end taste of Hazelnuts, which gives the taste. They mostly originate from the areas of Brazil, India, and Uganda. 

Aurum Coffee Beans – A Medium Roasted blend to give an end taste of Bitter cocoa, this pack has a combination of 60:40 percentage ratio of Arabica: Robusta. 

Platinum Coffee Beans – A perfect coffee blend to give you a lingering taste of hazelnut, Platinum coffee bean is a combination 70% Arabica and a 30% Robusta. This is a medium-dark roasted flavor to give you a unique taste of Hazelnut. 

5Stelle Coffee bEans – Usually considered the best by Italian cafeterias, this is 5-star soft hazelnut and dry-fruit flavored coffee with a ratio of 20:80 Robusta: Arabica. They are medium roasted to keep the flavor mild and balanced. 

At Gimoka, Every bean is carefully selected, roasted and sealed in air-tight packs to prevent from the aroma getting wasted.

Order today at Gimoka, to experience the taste of a flavored coffee every day.