Do You Know The Differences Between Hybrid and Laminate Flooring?

These days, hybrid flooring is becoming a popular choice for many homeowners in Australia as it has the waterproof property of vinyl, rigidity like hardwood, and hardness like tile. They are quite comparable with laminate flooring and a much better choice comparatively. 

Let us make a comparison between hybrid flooring with laminate flooring in this post, and both these flooring types can be installed by 689 Pty Ltd, a well-known flooring company servicing Brisbane and have been in this business for more than 15 years.

Let us compare both these flooring options under the following parameters:

  • Construction: Both the options can be sturdy, advanced construction, and hence both are comparable.  
  • Installation: For hybrid flooring installation you have a click-lock system that can be easily installed however, vinyl flooring is also having the same click lock system for installation but are much easier than hybrid flooring.
  • Affordability: Hybrid floorings are more affordable than timber, however, vinyl can be much more affordable compared to hybrid floors.
  • Design: Available in more than 100 styles and colours and the same is also with laminate flooring too.
  • Water resistance: Hybrid flooring is 100% waterproof but laminate flooring can be water-resistant, however, may not be waterproof.
  • Durability: Hybrids can be durable and very hard but laminates are comparatively more durable and hard.
  • Comfort: Hybrid can be softer, springy, and quite comfortable, particularly because of its underlayment while laminates can be slightly harder, but also quite comfortable with good underlayment.
  • Maintenance: You can easily clean hybrid flooring because of its waterproofness. Laminates can be a bit harder to clean, although still quite easier than any other floors.
  • Installation and reparability: Hybrid flooring can be very easily installed, so it is easier to repair and the same is with laminate flooring too.

So we can see that both these options can be quite a good choice but the basic difference between them is – hybrid flooring can be totally waterproof, while laminate flooring is slightly water-resistant. Also, hybrid flooring will be a costlier option too.

If you want to save your cost by not preferring hardwood flooring then you can prefer any of these options.

Is hybrid flooring is a better option?

Hybrid flooring will certainly be a better choice if water-proof flooring is your requirement, however, laminate flooring will be cheaper in cost and also a little more scratch resistant. For places like the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry, certainly, hybrid flooring will be a better choice.

For sanding old floor of your hybrid flooring, if it ever gets scratched due to any reason then you can seek help from 689 Pty Ltd from time to time. We hope this info, will help you to make a better choice when you are dilemma between hybrid and laminate flooring. 

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