Formalities for a Travel to Australia

Do you plan to take a tourist trip to Australia and you want to learn about the formalities required to prepare it properly? You will find in this practical article all the procedures to be followed. Between the travel documents such as en ETA Australia, the passport, etc., there can be a lot of things to do.

Get the Necessary Travel Documents for Australia

To be able to stay in Australia, a certain number of administrative documents are indispensable. Obviously, you must be in possession of a passport that will be still valid 6 months after the date of your return to you home country. An electronic visa is also required, which you can obtain from Australian consular authorities. You can look for an online ETA application for Australia to get your electronic travel authorization.

An ETA Australia is necessary for a stay of a maximum duration of 3 months (tourism, business trip, private or family visit). This electronic travel document is valid for 1 year from the date you obtain it. And you should know that it is issued free of charge from the Australian Department of Immigration website. Notice that the request must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the departure date, even if generally it is delivered within 3 to 10 days. Other things to be known about an Australian ETA:

  • It cannot be renewed.
  • It does not allow you to work in Australia.
  • It allows you to study or carry out an internship within the limit of 3 months, not more.

If You Plan to Travel in Australia with Kids

It is good to know that an eVisitor or an ETA request must be made for each family member, even for a baby. Minors, whatever their age is, must be in possession of an individual passport and have an eVisitor or a visa. Since January 15, 2017, the authorization to leave the territory is restored for some European countries like France for minors who travel without at least one of their parents.

And you think about driving a car once your little family reaches the destination, know your usual driving license will be required, accompanied by the international license (to be requested from the prefecture of your place of residence) or, if you cannot have this, a license officially translated into English. To rent a car in Australia, you must be over the age of 21 and in possession of an international credit card.