How Do You Wear An Oversized Shirt Stylishly?


Oversize clothes, often called boyfriend clothes, are those famous clothes that we can steal from our guy (taller and stronger than us) or, by extension, pieces that are much too long, loose, or thick for our figure. Said like that, wearing XXL or XXXL is not very desirable, but let’s be reassured, in reality, the oversize fashion is quite simple to apply, whatever our XXL garment. You need to follow a few very simple rules.

How To Wear An Oversized Shirt?

There are plenty of possibilities. The oversized tee for men or oversized shirt can be worn as a dress, with a belt, arranging so that one side is longer than the other. You can also combine it with pants, in which you will only fit one side. Our fashion advice with the XXL shirt is to cultivate asymmetry.

Wear Oversize With Elegance

Don’t underestimate the shoes as one of the best online clothes in Singapore! Because they are the ones that will give the final touch to your oversized style. Ideally, choose high heels to increase your height slightly, a little tucked under your bulky XXL clothes. The high boots (up to the knees, for example) create a very pretty silhouette.

Fashion When Wearing Oversized Clothes

If you like to wear loose clothes, the most important thing is moderation. To make you understand what that means, we show you three failed outfits with oversize. Failed because the silhouettes are drowned there under too much too thick clothes. Young women have visibly forgotten to focus on one part of the body and have multiplied the layers of XXL clothes until they suffocate their look. Too bad, right?

The timeless, we love them. And when our timeless pieces come in the form of a dress, we can’t resist it! The shirt dress, oversized shirt, or long shirt is one of those basics that charms us with variations always in line with seasonal trends.

And this year, between oversize, layering, asymmetry, and diverted pieces, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to the style to adopt. The long shirt will therefore suit all options but also all occasions. So to choose the look to pair with this stylish basic, we show you how to wear it according to the look you want.

  1. Class With Jacket And Pouch

Blazer jacket and long shirt as a Singapore clothing, all combined with a chic and sophisticated little pocket, will give you a more sober but classier look to assume the mid-calf length of our beloved essential!

  1. Bohemian With Derbies, A Long Coat, And A Hat

Play on an asymmetrical length to give more character to your hippie-chic look! A pair of derbies and small socks will reinforce the preppy side of this timeless bohemian look. The key is not to forget the coat or the long cardigan, which will affect their layering effect. To enhance with a felted hat for a perfect style!

  1. Casual With Sneakers

A particularly long shirt combined with a simple pair of sneakers will do the trick for this casual look. Layer with an oversized, almost relaxed sweater for cooler days. Be careful, however, to associate this Style “out of bed” with a manicure and perfect makeup so as not to overdo it!

  1. Sophisticated With A Game Of Asymmetry

For an ultra-enlightened fashionista look, the latest trends must be adopted! An asymmetrical shirt and slit on the side will therefore be welcome. And a detail to remember: tuck your shirt into your pants on one side for a conceptual-worked effect!

  1. Urban With A Leather Jacket And An Animal Motif Bag

In the urban jungle, you like to walk, so dare to show it! Animal print bag and leather jacket will dress your boyfriend shirt with simplicity but above all modernity.

  1. Sage Under A Sweater Dress

Is your style rather large restaurants and classy avenues? So opt for the classy and wise shirt dress. Heeled ankle boots and a weekend bag will give a working girl an oversized shirt under a sweater dress.

  1. Elegant With A Belt And Pumps

You go out? You need to accessorize your shirt to transform it into a real evening dress. A pair of beautiful heels and a belt will give your shirt dress its allure!