My favorite local shop is online!

Writing this review, I feel a little bit like a hipster. You know, the “I knew them before they were cool” type. This is because I am an Atlanta native who has been visiting Kitchen Works for as long as I can remember. My Mom shopped there in the 80s, and as I became more interested in cooking in my teens and early twenties, I would spend many an afternoon browsing their selection of kitchen wares. 

Sadly, I don’t live in the south anymore (blame my husband), and when I left Atlanta I always assumed my days with Kitchen Works were at an end. Sure, MAYBE I’d visit when I made it back home for the holidays, but it wouldn’t be my go-to shop for the best kitchen supplies anymore.

… Or at least, that’s what I thought until I needed a new lid for my food processor. 

My old lid had a few too many dings in it from use over the years, and it just wasn’t fitting properly on the bowl anymore. I knew (from my past experiences with Kitchen Works) that it was possible to find genuine Cuisinart food processor parts at reasonable prices, so I checked out Google to see if I could find any local stores that would sell me a new lid without making me buy a whole new machine. What I found was even better: Kitchen Works is online!

I was so excited to see that everything I’d loved about the ATL store was available online too. They have an incredible selection of kitchen gadgets, bakeware, and (of course) so many Cuisinart food processor parts! Despite the much larger customer base you’d get online, Kitchen Works hasn’t sacrificed quality in any way. They’re still getting their replacement parts from the Cuisinart warehouse, so you can be sure that the part you get fits your machine just right. 

I ordered a new lid, plus a set of silicone spatulas just for fun (gotta support small businesses after the year we’ve all had). Even though I’m thousands of miles away, my order arrived promptly and in great condition! It was so exciting to open that box and know that I had a little piece of home in my hands, even if it was just a new piece for my food processor. 

Kitchen Works, Inc. has been a staple of the local community for years, and the type of service they provide sticks with people no matter where they go. I know it did for me! That’s why I decided to write this review — because I think everyone deserves to know that if they shop here, they’ll get quality products, quick service, and the satisfaction of helping a small business expand from their hometown to a nation-wide operation! I’m so excited that Kitchen Works is online, and I know I’ll be back on their site to shop again soon.