How Online Slots Machines Are Addicting You: The Truth

So you’ve been playing slots at casinos, bars, and friend’s houses for a while now, and you’ve been hitting the jackpot more often than not, however, you’ve started wondering if you’re actually getting some kind of advantage over the other players.

The truth is, slot players are a common sight at all kinds of locations, from quiet casinos to busy bars. It doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you have a slot machine nearby, are you ready to learn how online slot machines are addicting you? Here’s everything you need to know.

The Psychology of Slot Machine Addiction

Slot machine addiction is a real issue. It’s a problem that affects millions of people worldwide, and it’s been getting worse over the years, luckily, there are some commonalities among slot machine addicts that can help you better understand yourself, and hopefully, come up with some strategies to help you beat the addiction.

One of the first things you may notice about your slot machine addiction is that you feel an intense sense of relief when you win. It may even feel like a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders, because of this, you may also notice that you feel shame and embarrassment when you lose, which can lead to feelings of guilt and self-blame.

What Makes Online Slot Machines Addictive?

The reason online slot machine addiction is so serious is that slots are designed to trick you, they don’t do it consciously, but they’re designed to make you think that the machine is a truly random event, this is why they’re called slot machines they’re full of holes.

At the end of the day, gambling is all about risk versus reward, if you put one penny into a slot machine and you have a 1% chance of winning a dollar back, then the expected value is $0.01.

However, if you put one penny into an online slot machine and you have a 50% chance of winning back your initial penny, then the expected value is $0.02.

Why Is Online Slot Machine Addiction a Problem?

First of all, it is extremely difficult to overcome, if you’re addicted to สล็อต (Slots) then it’s going to be with you for the rest of your life and that can be a scary thought, that’s why it’s so important to get help because it can be life-threatening if left unattended.

Online slot machines are designed to trick you, they’re full of holes designed to make you think they just give random results, the truth is you could hit the jackpot or you could lose everything, there’s no in-between.

This kind of uncertainty is inherently stressful and can lead to feelings of anxiety and fear, this can be especially dangerous for people with anxiety disorders, as it can make it harder for them to calm down, let alone think clearly.

Is Online Slot Machine Addiction a Problem for Gamblers?

People with problem gambling are often looking for a thrill, excitement, and rush of dopamine in their brains, if you’re a gambler with slot machine addiction, then you’re in luck you’ve found the perfect drug.

These machines deliver just that, and you can take them anywhere, this means that you can spend more time playing and less time trying to find a slot machine.

This can lead to problems because it’s getting in the way of your work, school, or family obligations, the truth is that slot machine addiction is holding you back, and you need to fight back.