How to Find the Right Interior Designer?

Looking for an interior decorator in Gurgaon to renovate your interior? Well, this can be overwhelming and tiresome, especially if you are not sure which designer to choose. And in a city like Gurgaon which represents India’s booming future. Finding the right designer can be extremely difficult considering the number of options the city offers. This also depends on the type of building or property. Whether you are planning to move to new accommodation or keep the property for yourself. Expensive service does not always guarantee the best outcome. The quality of service greatly depends on the designer or the company you are entrusting the job with. In this article, we are going to discuss some must-know things that can help you to choose the best interior designer Gurgaon.

Are Interior Designers and Interior Stylists Same?

This, you may have already asked yourself. However, many homeowners often confuse interior designers with interior stylists. Although, there is a difference between interior designers Gurgaon and interior stylists. An interior designer is a person who is skilled in designing interior environments according to your preferences. He/she primarily modifies the existing design form in case of a renovation. In the case of new buildings, the interior designer Gurgaon works closely with the architect or designing company. On the other hand, the primary job of a stylist is to help you in finding your own style. This can be based on different subjects and themes.  It is the responsibility to preserve the design style and if required, extend the style.

Now, that you have understood the difference between interior designers Gurgaon and stylists, let us discuss the steps needed to choose the right designer –

  • Step 1: Take your time in understanding the latest design portfolios-

In order to hire the best interior designer, one needs to develop a detailed understanding of the existing designs and styles. There are many designers who have a signature designing style. Either you can let them know of your design preferences or choose a style as per their style.

  • Step 2: Fix a budget

Budget is an important aspect of any remodelling project. There are designers who charge on an hourly basis, while others charge fixed remuneration depending on the contract. Having a detailed idea about the overall budget can help you to narrow down on your favourites.

  • Step 3: Visit the designer website

Today most interior designers Gurgaon and companies maintain their presence online. You can get an overall idea about the style statement of the particular designer from their website. For more information, you can check out their previous assignments and client reviews.

  • Step 4: Fix an appointment

After you have narrowed down on a few designers, book an appointment with them. This can be done through their websites or their contact information. This appointment session is normally not chargeable.

  • Step 5: Have an open mind and ask a lot of questions

During the appointments with designers, clear all your doubts regarding their experience, qualification, design style budget and time frame. Don’t forget to note down these details also, so that you don’t forget them later on.

  • Step 6: Compare the offers made by various designers

After the appointment sessions with different designers, compare the offers made by them based on budget, time, quality and client satisfaction. Determine the pros and cons of each one of them. Based on these assessments choose a designer of your final preference.

  • Step 7: Sign a legal contract

Once, you have made the final decision on which designer or company to choose. Make a call and clarify your requirements to the designer. Signing a legal contract is an important step to finalise the deal. It signifies the legal aspect of the deal, detailing the budget, time frame and other important aspects.

  • Step 7: Develop a plan

Now that you have signed a contract, the deal is finalised. The designer or company is legally bound to complete your project within the selected time frame. In this stage, you can develop a detailed plan, based on how many rooms to redesign, what type of modifications needed etc. Discuss them with your designer.

  • Step 8: Always prefer a flexible schedule

Today, most professionals spend an extended period of time working in an office or managing the individual business. As a result, it often becomes difficult to oversee the home re-modification. Discuss and modify your schedule in consultation with your designer so that you can be present during the crucial phase of the renovation project.

It is often said that a home is built for a lifetime. It is the dream of most homeowners to give their property a perfect renovation. And for this, it is important to hire the right interior designers Gurgaon. Your interior will get the best design provided you choose the right person to work on it. By following the above steps, you can hire the best designer available within your budget.