IIOT: Streamlining Production

We all are aware of the concept of the internet of things, it is a connection of devices that forms a network using the internet. It is the part of every organization and it is quite impossible to escape this modern concept of device networking. There is a new development coming up in the industry that is seen as an up-gradation of IoT, it is being called IIoT.

The main difference between IoT and IIoT technology is that the former doesn’t facilitate two-way connection of many devices but what IIoT aims to do is to connect all the devices in such a manner that there is a two-way connection between all the devices in the production unit, thus facilitating the better performance of machines.

Industry internet of things main aim is to automate and decentralize the task of business analytics. What the IIoT technology tries to do is to create machine intelligence in such a way that it carries out everything in an automated manner with the help of sensors and cloud computing technology.


Complete automation:

When you have your production completely automated, it reduces the need of having labor thus saving a lot of costs. The main purpose of mass production is saving costs and what complete automation will do is that very same thing. IIoT connects each of the machines in a two-way connection thus they can keep a check on each other as well as create a streamlined mass production facility.

Data Analytics:

Machines can be connected in such a way that they will be able to analyze the data of each part of the production chain. This will help to do “smart” production. It will help in streamlining the production facility. Another major benefit of this will be that there will never be any discrepancy in the production chain.

Problem Solving:

This is quite connected with the previous benefit but the main difference is regarding problem-solving. Whenever a production or a business unit will be confronting a problem, IIoT will help them make data-driven decisions for solving the issues. It will also help in saving a lot of time plus finding accurate solutions.

There have been changes in production techniques for centuries, the first industrial revolution was when humans started using water and animal energy for production. Now we are in the phase where we are using the IoT to streamline the production. The point to be noted is that the industries’ production practices have changed from time to time. Now there is a new trend of IIoT coming up which will be the future of the industrial revolution.