PDFBear Files: 3 Useful PDF Features to Manage Your Electronic Files

Dealing with a lot of electronic files is an additional workload every day. If you have a busy schedule, you may find it challenging to organize your electronic documents properly. There might be many available tools online to help you with your file organization. However, not all of them are reliable, effective, and safe.

PDFBear has been known to many people as a tool for effective file management and organization. It’s a website offering you access to various online tools to help you handle all your electronic files. Besides being effective, it’s also accessible and user-friendly.

If the device you’re using is connected to the reliable internet service, and you can access a safe web browser, you can always use the online tools of PDFBear from its official website. To learn more about PDFBear, read the details below to know its various useful features in managing all your electronic files effectively.

PDF Conversion

PDF converter tool will let you convert your existing file to another file format that you need. It’s a useful tool when you currently need a particular file format that isn’t available on your computer or smartphone. You might need pdf files containing important data and information to be attached to your emails.

You may also want files in jpg format for online uploads, such as social media platforms or company websites. Each file has its own use and purpose. That’s why you have to make sure to use the correct file format in maximizing the benefit of using the file based on your purpose. The PDFBear has a smart file conversion tool that’s always available on its official website.

You only need to upload the files you want to convert on the PDFBear converter tool online. Then, select a particular file format for your existing document. Click the convert button, and the tool will start processing the conversion. When it’s done, click the download button to have a converted copy of your file to your computer or smartphone.

The conversion process using PDFBear has been made so easy and convenient. It also offers many conversion options that you can choose. You can convert files in PowerPoint, Excel, and Word to pdf format. You can also process the conversion of files in JPG to PDF, pdf to png, and many other file formats that you need for a specific task.

PDF Merge and Split

PDFBear offers you a smart way of electronic file organization. It lets you merge or combine different documents into one file. Hence, if you have thousands of electronic files saved in your hard drive, it’ll become hundreds to maximize the space in your computer folder. Don’t forget to put a new name on a merged file for easy retrieval next time.

If you change your mind and remove one document from the merged files, the PDFBear can also process it on your device. The merged files must be split into separate files for you to remove one that you want. Then, combine or merge the files again. No worries because the official website of PDFBear will give you a clear, concise, and understandable step-by-step procedure to process what you want for your files.

PDF Protect

One important thing that you need for your files is protection. You might have documents that contain valuable and confidential information. Hence, you need to limit access to these types of files. Setting up a password will be a solution to keep your files safe. PDFBear has a protect pdf tool that will help you achieve your goal for your electronic files.

You have to upload your file or drag and drop it on the PDFBear protect tool online. Then, it’ll ask you to provide a password, so you need to create one that’s personalized and has a level of difficulty to increase its level of security. After that, you have to click the Encrypt button, and the tool will start activating the password you’ve created. Once done, you can download your electronic file with a secure password.


Dealing with a lot of electronic files isn’t easy. That’s why PDFBear has been made available for public consumption so that everyone can efficiently manage electronic documents. If you haven’t tried it once, you better explore the benefits of various useful features of PDFBear to manage and organize all your electronic files.