Things to Consider When Buying a Vacant Home


Buying a home is an important and expensive process with long- term financial implications. Making a wise decision when purchasing a house is vital since it can bring along lifetime benefits and enjoyment or costly problems.

Buying a vacant house is not an easy task, as it poses several potential risks hence the need to be cautious when looking for one. Consider hiring an experienced real estate broker in Montreal to help you in making crucial decisions and negotiating for the best deal possible. 

In this article, we look at some of the crucial factors you need to consider when buying a vacant home. Read on to find out everything that you need to know.

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing is one of the most vulnerable aspects of a house that has been unoccupied for sometime. There is a likelihood that its previous occupants simply turned off the water without draining or treating the pipes before moving out. 

Plumbing fixtures, valves, gaskets, and hoses may dry out, causing the seal to crack. If you open the valves and turn on water, you will most likely notice flooding or leaks in the home. 

To avoid dealing with water damage issue, or costly plumbing repairs, make sure you request the seller to turn on the water several days before a home inspection. This way, your home inspector will have an easy time detecting any potential plumbing problems.

Faulty Appliance

There is also a high probability that appliances in a house that has been vacant for too long take a major hit. Sometimes, the valves in dishwashers and bath tubs can get stuck in the closed position when they are not used for too long. 

The moment you turn the water on, be sure to watch out for leaks or signs of flooding. Quite often, you may be forced to replace several appliances before you move into the house. 

Since it is difficult to know how long an appliance has been laying idle, talk to your real estate broker in Montreal to negotiate for a buying price that reflects the need to replace some of these appliances in the long run

Pest Control Problems

In most cases, vacant homes become havens and breeding ground for bats, mice, rats, squirrels, and even raccoons. These rodents set up camp in the vacant rooms and turn them into their shelter. 

There is a high probability that you will find at least a few critters holed up in a house that has been vacant for long. Therefore, before you close the deal, it is highly recommended that you hire a highly experienced pest control professional to conduct thorough inspection. 

The biggest problem with pests and rodents is that they aren’t just a nuisance but can also chew up wiring and insulation which can lead to expensive repairs


The location and communal factors are as important as the house itself. Ensure that there is  easy access to schools, grocery stores, entertainment, and any other social amenities that may be important. Remember to consider private access to your home, in case the premise is in a rural or landlocked area.