What is HEIC format

The heic format is used to create images that are smaller in size but better than the old JPEG standards used. Thus, such a format is much better. The new image format option is based on the high-performance compression format known as hevc.

If you take photos on devices such as iPhone or iPad, they will be stored in files with the heic extension. This is a form of a kind of container where various sound files and images with a specific code are stored.

How to open heic file

In Windows10, it is possible to view files in heic format with an assembly of a certain type. Two important programs should be installed – these are “Extension for images” and “Extension for video”. These are the two most important viewers of this type. In earlier versions of this operating system, there were separate programs for viewing images in a similar format. For example, you could use Apowersoft Photo Viewer and others.

Ways to convert heic to jpg and other popular formats

Step 1. First, you need to find a suitable program that will carry out the conversion. It can be found on the Internet, but be sure to look at its functionality. After that, download and install on a computer or other device. There are also platforms that do this online, right on the web resource, so you don’t have to download them. For example, AnyConv online converter can quickly convert heic to jpg and other popular formats.

Step 2. You must select a file in the format that you want to convert. It can be found on your own device. It can also be found via the link or drag from this place to the desired area where the file for conversion should be.

Step 3. Select the checkbox with the extension format into which you want to convert the start-up document. Converters support a variety of formats, so you can always find a suitable extension, but it is best to check the presence of this format before choosing a converter.

Step 4.Upload the start document. After that, the conversion begins. Instantly you can get the same file, but in a different format selected. These are the basic steps that will open any file with this format. The main thing is to correctly execute the sequence and find a convenient program for conversion, but they act quickly and simply.