5 Fascinating Lights Throughout History You Can Get Inspirations From For Your Custom Lights

Ever since humans invented fire and the Magi and Galileo studied the stars and the universe, the world was never the same thing again. People have come to embrace the beauty of light, more so when it made homes and offices more pleasing and safer.

These days, lights are more than way-showers and space illuminators. They can also become statement pieces, and if you opt for custom lights, you can fit them into your theme and personality.

However, if you’re looking for inspiration, you can learn something from history:

  1. Chandelier in Titanic

The luxury liner Titanic has sunk for over a hundred years, and yet it remains relevant in many ways. One of these is design, particularly the chandeliers in the ballroom.

The elaborate chandelier featured several layers of sparkling glass with tips that imitated candle lights. It seemed to pay homage to the original designs that adorned and lit up French homes and palaces.

The Titanic chandelier may be far gone, but you can bet that many stores these days still sell chandeliers of various styles. You can choose to have custom lights with ornate metals and crystals to closely resemble that of the ill-fated vessel.

  1. Flos Noctambule

Perhaps one of the most glamorous—and, in fact, mysterious—lights in the market today are the Flos Noctambule. The LEDs are in a glass-blown tube or module that looks invisible during the day.

However, at night, when the lights are on, the illumination begins to showcase the shape, which can be both industrial and minimalist. The hanging lights complete with the pendant are great for the aesthetics of the kitchen, while the standing ones are excellent to enhance the look of a tight space.

  1. Empire Building Lights

Buildings don’t have sentiments—unless they’re the Empire State Building. Since 1976, one of the tallest structures in the United States appeals to the visuals and sometimes emotions of everyone who looks up to it through its lights.

Called the Tower Lights, it has thousands of LEDs with millions of assorted colours. With equally great tech, they can control these lights to showcase images or perform actions like blinking.

The Tower of Lights is also a measure of relevance. During the coronavirus pandemic, it displayed the flashing of red and white to symbolise an ambulance beacon. Their colours may also match the winners of the Superbowl or other sports events.

Of course, owning this number of lights may be impossible, but you can follow the concept with custom lights as a way of making your home even more unique.

  1. Lava Lamp

While Starbucks already opened its first store in the 1970s, it wasn’t in the 1980s that it embraced the café concept and grew the world’s coffee culture. It’s all thanks to Howard Schultz, who took a cue from his trips to Italy, where coffee is life.

It’s a similar path that Edward Craven Walker took when he invented the lava lamp in the 1960s. He developed the idea after watching a DIY egg timer that used a shaker with liquid bubbling inside when heated.

The unique design and even more complicated dynamics made it such a hit during the decade. Its popularity waned after that until in the 2000s when it experienced a revival.

Some of these systems are rare that you won’t own them ever, but you can get inspiration from them for your custom-made lights. This way, it would feel as if you own a piece of history.

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