6 Signs It is Time to Get Your Roof Repaired

The roof serves as the main protective layer in any household. It shields us and our properties from the harsh rays of the sun and the thousand streaks of rainwater. It keeps us safe amid changing seasons and climates. It can also serve as a place for hanging out for neighbouring cats and even creepy, crawly critters.

The weather in Sydney is predominantly filled with sunshine. It gets even warmer during the summer season, while the winter is more bearable compared to other countries around the globe. However, though its residents regularly enjoy a good dose of bright sunny days and outdoor activities, that doesn’t mean roof repairs in Sydney are hardly necessary.

Sydney is no stranger to severe types of storms. The latest severe storm to hit Sydney was a brief storm on January 20, earlier this year. Albeit the storm did not last that long, it still left major damages on many residences. The damages included roofs that had been ripped off of its structure and ceilings that bore intense cracks and holes caused by hailstones.

Excellent home maintenance entails keeping tabs on the condition of every part of one’s residence—and that includes the roof

Since it is situated above our houses, rarely do we get the chance to check on its condition. More often than not, it takes a leaky ceiling, falling debris, or the sounds of disintegrating metal and wood before we realize that our roofs need immediate fixing.

In truth, we can determine whether the roof of our homes need repairs or not, by checking on its interior and exterior components. Not only that, but there are also tell-tale signs that help us keep track of the quality and durability of our roofs, and these are:

  1. The coating begins to peel off

If you see the paint on your ceiling begin to peel off, then it is a sign that water may be leaking and washing off the coat. A fading paint job, discolouration, or dark streaks on your roof may also be due to exposure to the sun’s rays or the accumulation of moulds.

  1. Visible cracks, holes, and missing parts

Roofs endure several environmental factors that eventually lead to reduced durability and damage. The signs of a damaged roof include visible holes and cracks, shingles that have gone loose, missing bolts, and even rust.

  1. Clogged drains

On rainy days, check whether the water flows continuously along the pipes and drainage on your roof. Otherwise, once you see that water gets clogged or collected, or if rain falls in a direction different from your roof’s pipelines, then it needs immediate repair.

  1. Excessive dirt and debris

When dirt and debris are left to collect on a roof’s exterior, it can speed up the deterioration of your home’s upper protection. Worse, the weight can overpower your roof and cause it to fall apart. Your roof is as essential as any other part of your house. Make sure you clean it regularly to maintain its quality.

  1. An increased amount of light enters your home

Is your attic or room brighter than before? Maybe it is not the result of that new light bulb you installed. It can be a sign that the underlying decks of your roof have depreciated. Remember, where the sunlight can enter through your roof, so can rain, debris, hail, and snow.

  1. Your roof has reached (or is already way past) its 25th year

Old roofs are more susceptible to damage and may not even be repaired. Its quality has dramatically declined, and it can no longer provide you with ample protection. An old roof would most likely require replacement and not a simple repair.

Should your roof need immediate repair, remember to choose roof repairs in Sydney with a reputation for providing quality assistance, reasonable rates, and friendly service.