Beginner guide for basic Butterfly knife tricks


Best Butterfly knife trainer are originally from the Philippines, made famous in a lot of martial arts movies and used in martial arts. Here are four tricks related to the buy Butterfly knife trainer which are pretty easy, simple and safe. At the same time, these Best Butterfly knife trainer are the best at one’s safety. Anyone can feel comfortable while doing such tricks and performing the same whenever they want. It is semi safe to do at the first time but these are seriously easy to learn. Some of them are just variations of openings and every Best Butterfly knife trainer trick is flashy. 

Basic opening and closing:

First of all, there is a just a basic opening of butterfly knife as we all know. It becomes little bit easy to open and close it in a general way by wearing gloves as there is no need for a ton of dexterity. Now, just make a step up and grab to save handles. Now, going to fling it up over and then, come back down and up and that is the way to open it. In this, one should pinch the handle with index and four thing finger. Sometimes, you can get a couple of fingers it too but basically, swing up and down as simple as that. You can learn it from Best Butterfly knife trainer

Double rollout: 

Next one is quite easier as ii is double rollout and it is pretty simple as one need to pinching the safe handle and just rolling. It requires little wrist and full motion as rotating the handle in index and fourth finger.

Spit Grip: 

Another one is a kind of spit grip. It includes the reverse open by holding a safe handle and throwing it down the knife and bringing it back up. It needs bit of practice and don’t throw it on face accidentally.

Twirl Ice-cream: 

Last one is the Twirl ice-cream as one need to grab by two safe handle, throw it and bring the index finger behind to pinch between index and middle finger. 

So, these are some of the basic beginner tricks that one can start from. Best Butterfly knife trainer needs proper attention and focus while going through all such tricks as you are a beginner.