Company Name Selection: The best Ideas for You

Your company name should be carefully considered before you make a final decision. Because the name you choose will serve as the basis for your unique identity, we recommend that you choose a moniker that reflects your intended personal.

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Tips for Choosing a Business Name

Section 7 of the Business Names Registration Act states that if a name is objectionable to the public, it may be rejected. It’s advisable to avoid calling other people names they don’t like since doing so might make them feel uncomfortable or unhappy.

Words that may need extra licences should be used with caution.

Certain words in a name may trigger a more extensive assessment by regulatory agencies, and you may be required to get additional licences in order to use them. As an example, words like “academics, universities, schools, education, insurance, banks, and more” may trigger further study. The Ministry of Education (MOE) or the Ministry of Finance (MOF) will receive your request to register the name if you use any of these expressions. Some instances of government-affiliated businesses are those listed below (MOF). Here are the Pointers to Pick a Company Name in Singapore.

Names that have previously been taken by someone else are not permitted to be used.

Using a name that is similar to an existing or reserved business name that has been approved by ACRA is your responsibility.

In the event you discover that another company has already reserved your desired name, you have the choice of deciding whether or not to wait it out since reserved names may only be held for 120 days. You may be allowed to utilise the name of a firm that no longer exists or has stopped operations by the ACRA.

How to Use the ACRA Website’s Search Engine

You may use the Entity Search Function to determine whether the name you have in mind has already been taken or if it shares a name with another entity. We recommend that you review ACRA’s search guidelines to ensure that you’re getting the most out of the search tool.

When searching for your company’s name, you should not only seek for the whole name, but also look for particular components of the name you wish to use and its numerous variants.

Look for names that sound close to the one you’ve picked out, as well. Search for “am,” “harm,” and any other names that sound like “arm” if the name of the firm you wish to use includes “arm.”

As an additional option, consider syllable-order variations of your proposed name that have the same sound as yours.

Names with a Similar Tonality

A list of company names that are similar to yours will be provided when the search is complete. A specific collection of components or phrases may be overlooked while determining whether the name you are considering is too similar to an existing one.

The punctuation marks and spaces, as well as the capitalization, spelling, and style of letters

It is possible to use a name that is quite similar to one that already existing despite the ACRA’s seeming strict stance against naming duplications. There are a number of companies that get off the ground by capitalising on the success of a more established rival. However, since the prior firm has the legal right to sue you, we do not recommend that you do this. This is especially true if your new company is seen as a threat by an existing established corporation.