Top 7 Things You Can Store In A Safety Deposit Box

Are you familiar with the new ways to store your valuables in today’s time? With digital records and cloud storage, such as Google Drives or iCloud storage, becoming the norm for people today, the bricks-and-mortar safe deposit way might seem out-of-date. Back then, people used to look for a vault supplier to store most of their belongings. The most common way is by investing in a vault roomin banks or financial agencies.

Although digital storages are functional, handy, and convenient, there are still some times wherein you need to present your original documents instead of showing digital copies on your gadgets or photocopies. If you want a sure way to store your hard-to-replace items, get a safety deposit box from a trusty supplierand keep it in your home.

To help you know which things are best to keep in a safe deposit box, check these seven items.



One of the most crucial things every Singaporean resident or citizen should have is their National Registration Identity Card (NRIC). This card contains a unique code and number that serves as their permanent personal identity number. It also displays your birthdate, residential address, thumbprint, and photo. The NRIC is critical. Once it falls into the hands of an identity thief, the NRIC number can potentially function to uncover a large amount of confidential information. If you don’t need to use it, it is best to store it in your vault at home or look for a safety deposit box supplierto ensure it’s in a safe place.



The primary reason to seek a safety box or vault manufacturer and have one at home is to keep all your personal and confidential documents. One of which is your certificates, may it be birth, death, marriage, or divorce certificates. Save yourself from the hassle of losing these files, replacing them, and processing everything and have a vault room or box at your home instead.

Although government agencies in Singapore can issue you other copies of your records, you wouldn’t want to risk your time and money. If you wish to beat the stress from all the processing, invest in a safety deposit box and look for a supplier.



When getting a safety deposit box from a reliable supplier, another thing you can stash inside is your personal papers, papers with sentimental value. Without a doubt, you can get a hand on digitised copies of these and have them scanned, but nothing can replace the connection and sentimental value if you have the original item with you. A few good examples of the personal papers you can store in your safe box are the following:

  • Handwritten love letters from your spouse
  • Love notes or sticky notes
  • Funny yet cherished messages from friends
  • Your favourite newspaper features
  • Your diaries or journals during your youth
  • Memoirs and mementoes of a long-dead relative



With the gadgets people have nowadays, they can store anything, including photos and videos. If they lose their smartphones or tablets, they will not worry that much because most of their recent files are snug in the cloud storage. Just like your personal papers, you can also stash your old photographs in your safety box or vault room. These photos, say, childhood vacations, vintage portraits, landscapes before, or family pictures, have a sentimental value that no one can ever replace. To add an extra layer of security, you can consider scanning the photos and backup them up on your cloud storage or drives.



If you’re into collecting items, a safety deposit box suppliercan be your best friend. Inside your safety box, you can keep your collectables, such as antiques, toys, coins and other currencies, vinyl records, comic books, reading cards, and stamps. These pieces may be a thing for some, but these are valuable for collectors. These items are hard to replace. To prevent the risks of losing one, the safest option to do is to store them in a deposit box or vault room.



When choosing a safety deposit box supplier, check for insurance or standard coverage protection offers. Another sort of personal valuables you can hide inside your safe box or vault room is jewellery. For the pieces that you seldom wear but have sentimental value, a gift from your partner or pricey heirloom jewellery, for instance, it would be best to keep them inside your safety deposit box. If you have a piece of jewellery you wish to give your daughter in the future, store it inside your vault in the meantime. For your everyday jewellery, you can keep them in a safe and secure place in your home, such as your bedroom. If you need to use one of the jewellery you hid inside your vault, you can simply call your safety deposit box supplierand pick it up once you need to wear it, say, for a special occasion, family gathering, or a big event.



Your vehicle and house titles are hardly ever needed, which is why it is also one of the items you can put inside a safe box or vault room. Replacing all these titles can be the source of your headache. Keep them inside your safety deposit box and ensure your supplier safeguards them. It would be suitable to hide it in the meantime, as you will only probably need this if you plan to sell your vehicle or house. You will need to retrieve and hand the title over to the buyer. If you lose these titles, you will need to request new copies and, most likely, will not be able to sell your vehicle or property.

Final Remarks

Sure, hiding valuables under your bed mattress, inside a cabinet, or behind a portrait work too, but nothing compares to the functionality, security, safety, and assurance that a vault roomor box offers. Safety deposit boxes are one of the best options to stash all your belongings, as these have the ability to withstand the environment and natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and others.

Considering that everything is becoming digitised and everything is adapting to the modern advancement of the world, there are now innovative ways to keep your items safe inside. These are through a keyless system: facial recognition, fingerprint, or hand scanner. If you prefer keys instead, just let your safety deposit box supplierknow so they can provide you with the traditional boxes.

With numerous awards and certificates and more than a decade of providing top-tier products, Falcon Safe can be your trusted safety deposit box supplierin Singapore. For your concerns, you can flick them a message at +65-8913 2939 or drop by their website for more of their services and product categories.