Gadgets 101: How to Find The Right Smartphone You Need

It’s never a bad idea to get your hands on a gadget. Getting the latest Samsung smartphone or searching for the iPhone price in Malaysia is a fun and exciting experience. However, the question relies on which one is the best phone?

Android is presently the world’s most widely used smartphone operating system, with many devices running the OS. Only Apple products, such as the iPhone, may use iOS.

Prices, screen sizes, and weights can all vary widely. The two operating systems, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android appear, feel, and feature differently, despite their many commonalities in hardware and software.

When it comes to making a decision, you have a lot of options. So, how can you be sure that the phone you choose is the right one for you?

7 Tips For Buying Smartphones

1. Know what you want

What do you prefer? Is it the screen size? Is the camera good? How long does the battery last? Having fewer options is a good thing. Although the iPhone price in Malaysia may vary depending on the model, most have a high-quality camera for those looking for a phone to take pics.

2. Determine why you need it

How can you tell if a smartphone is something you require? It will help if you examine your cell phone habits. You may use your phone to make phone calls. Many people get a smartphone to quickly access email, media platforms, and the internet while on the go.

A Samsung smartphone or an iPhone is necessary if your profession necessitates constant communication and quick responses to emails and phone calls.

3. Decide on a budget

The phone you want may be less expensive because of the numerous discounts offered by cell phone providers. iPhone price in Malaysia typically ranges from RM 3,500 to RM 7000, depending on the model you wish to get. You can either set up a plan or purchase the phone itself.

Nevertheless, you must look for a shop or a certified seller that will offer authentic smartphones, whether online or in person. Examine all the offers the carrier you’ve chosen, then decide based on the feature.

4. Avoid overlooking mid-tier phones.

Mid-tier phones always include the same features as last year’s high-end models. It is possible to buy a high-quality phone for a fraction of the cost of a premium model such as a Samsung or Vivo smartphone.

5. Take advantage of the bargains

Discounted prices and promotional offers are every day around significant holidays. You can even get extra offers at lower prices on items like a Samsung TV. You can get a good bargain on last year’s phones, too. Wait until this year’s launch to save money on last year’s phone since retailers and service providers may be looking to get rid of their old stock.

6. Ensure quality

The quality of a smartphone’s construction directly affects its long-term usability. Metal and plastic are the two most common materials used in manufacturing.

A metal or plastic-built phone is ideal for people who frequently drop their smartphones. It is because, unlike glass-based handsets, they can withstand drops as high as 8 feet.

7. 5G or 4G?

If you are a professional who needs your phone to multitask jobs, choosing a phone with a fast internet speed is ideal. There is little doubt that this new technology is prevalent on high-end devices, but it is also standard on brands Samsung or Vivo smartphone models with far lower price tags.

What Are The Different Features Between iPhone and Android?


iPhone and Android, such as a Samsung smartphone, have different features that every user enjoy. To help you track the difference, here’s a guide.


1. iMessage

With iMessage, you may send and receive text messages and chat with people using Apple products. It is one of the most popular iOS apps. You can even send and receive money via iMessage with the ease of Apple Pay.

2. AirDrop

Sharing data, photographs, videos, and links from the iPhone to other Apple devices is possible through AirDrop, a Bluetooth-based file transfer service.

3. Share WiFi passwords

You may use iOS devices to share WiFi passwords with ease. It’s as simple as holding with one another and pressing the “share password” button.

4. App remover

iOS automatically detects and removes apps from your iPhone that are not you don’t use. You can reinstall them again in case.

5. Import data easily

Apple makes transitioning from an older iPhone to a newer one a breeze. It’s simple to import data and settings from an old iPhone to the newly purchased one.

6. Quick software update

In terms of software upgrades, iOS has a significant advantage over Android. New iPhones and iPads get support from iOS updates from Apple for five to six years following their debut date. All of these devices receive the same updates simultaneously.

The iPhone price in Malaysia will make you feel you paid your money’s worth because of these features that you can solely enjoy on iOS.


1. Direct access to data

Like buying a Vivo smartphone, Android offers a variety of file managers for users to choose from and direct access to data. You can access the file system of an Android phone by dragging and dropping files from the phone to the PC via a USB cable.

2. Add more storage

Most Android phones, like a Samsung smartphone, provide the option of adding more storage. A microSD card can enhance a smartphone’s storage capacity by up to 1 terabyte.

3. Apply themes

Unlike the iPhone, you can customise Android to any theme you prefer. A Vivo and Samsung smartphone have separate settings for this feature, and you can apply any colour.

4. Support numerous users

Android, unlike Apple’s iOS, supports numerous users and a guest account in addition to the standard single-user account. With kids or a friend who may require your phone, this is very beneficial for sharing your phone’s storage space.

5. Multitask

iPads are the only iOS devices that can take advantage of split-screen. Android phones can also use this functionality using two different applications.

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