HONOR Magic Earbuds Review

The HONOR brand launched Magic Earbuds. This Sports Bluetooth Earphones comes with a mixture of active noise reduction colors -Pearl White and Robin Egg Blue.

The device supports Bluetooth 5. The protocols include hands-free, headphones, A2DP (transmitting stereo audio signals through an headphone), AVRCP (transmitting commands through touching the body), and AAC codec.

When Magic Earbuds is activated using a single button on the charging box, it can be paired with the smartphone.

Play Control Double-click the earphones box and hold it down. There is an option to detect the position of the device in the auricle. It is to pause the play in time. Sensors installed on the earphone itself assist in this operation.

Magic Earbuds are in-ear headphones (including three pairs of silicone heads). They don’t fall. Sound from the speaker is isolated between the auricle and the device.

HONOR’s earphone is waterproof with IP54. This Sports Bluetooth Earphones can prevent splash and sweat from the large amount of sweat flowing out.

The earphone type is equipped with an electric transmitter. The sound is generated through a conical basin. It is equipped with electromagnetic coils.

When alternating current passes through the coil, a magnetic field will be generated around the coil. The magnetic field will interact with the permanent magnet magnetic field. The field is located at the bottom of the speaker. It drives the diffuser. The air began to be pushed out, producing sound waves.

Through active movement, although the built-in earphone can make the weight of the wireless earphone exceed that of the traditional earphone. The earphone will not fall out of the ear.

Each earphone can be used separately. Magic Earbuds have a frequency range of 20-20000 Hz. Thanks to the magnet, Magic Earbuds can cling to the shell. They will not fall off even if they are hooked.

We can open the box with one hand. The slender main structure allows it to be placed in any pocket. There is an indicator inside the chassis. It indicates in yellow and green that the headphones are ready to use.

If the indicator color is red, it is time to charge the “ear”.

Magic earplug box is charged through USB C connector. This takes about 40 minutes. An external indicator indicates that the housing itself is charged.

The chassis can charge the earphone about 3 times. When ANC active noise reduction function is used, the earphone will discharge within 3.5 hours and 3 hours.

Hybrid active noise reduction technology has two microphones on the outside of the bud. It is to confirm the direction of the speech. The third microphone on the inside can listen to the sound and eliminate up to 32 dB of background noise.

Magic Earbuds has a 10mm unit drive. It can coordinate strong bass and treble.

The driver consists of a high-sensitivity composite diaphragm. We can use it for seamless transmission of audio signals. This realizes the coexistence of movement and clarity, thus realizing balanced music listening.

This is an interesting sports Bluetooth earphones. Interested friends can pay attention to it.