Know About Shipping Your Boat to Overseas Countries

There will be lots of challenges that you may have to face while transporting a boat, particularly if the owner of the boat has no capable trailer and vehicle to move it. There are boat transportation services available for boat owners, that are designed solely for helping them to ship their boats very efficiently and safely too.

Ship a Car, Inc. is a well-known full-service domestic and also international boat shipper that can ship a boat to all corners of the world. Having more than 30 years’ experience in this industry, they have the necessary knowledge and expertise to offer top-notch service at an affordable cost, no matter where your destination is.

Shipping of boats might appear quite easy to many, but there can be several unforeseen risks involved while transporting your vessels like road and weather conditions, etc.

Few different ways to ship boat

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The following are a few boat transport methods that one can consider:

  • Oversea boat shipping

Most people use this shipping method for shipping to a different country. Your boat will generally be loaded on a ship for safe transport.

  • Overland boat shipping

Here your boat transportation will be made through land transport. A trailer will be used for the boat by the overland transportation companies. These companies can also design custom trailers if you do not have them.

  • Air Shipping

Few boat transportation companies also have access to various cargo planes to do their business. Air shipping will be the right option while transporting smaller boats particularly if the delivery period needed is too short.

  • Freight-carriers boat shipping

Usually, most buyers will prefer to transport all their yachts by such freight by using a commercial ship. But for that, you need to make a proper reservation for space.

Most boat owners will like to hire the services from any licensed non-vessel carrier or any freight forwarder. They will book the reservation and do the necessary paperwork.

  • Shrink-wrapping

Here there are chances of failure of shrink wrap during transit if you prefer to wrap the PWC boat before transporting it in a truck.

Due to wind velocity, it can tear your shrink wrap as rubbing that may occur on the sharp edges as the truck will move on the highway.

Once it is torn the transporter must remove these shrink-wraps otherwise it may cause a little harm to the boat just by beating it against it. If it is well-padded then shrink-wraps will remain untouched during the entire transition.

  • Roll-on/roll-off type boat shipping

Mostly this transport method will be used if your trailer can easily be towed securely under certain difficult conditions. Your boats will be rolled inside the trailers and remain away from your ship.

  • Lo-Lo boat shipping

Here in this method of shipping big-size PWCs are used that are quite large for the trailer so that it can contain it. This method may cost a little higher as there will be a requirement for additional equipment like cranes, forklifts, cradle costs, and workforce.

  • Flat-racks boat shipping

In this method, the private boat will be wrapped while shipping to keep it safe from dirt, debris, and any other potential damages.