How much does an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Earn? 

The job of an AWS certified SysOps Administrator is full of complexities. They are involved in many types of system operations. And in order to stay relevant in the cloud computing field; these associate-level professionals have to learn about new trends of cloud computing technology continuously. Not only that but these professionals have to carry immense responsibilities on their shoulders without hesitation. In this article, we will discuss each and every minuscule information related to the AWS SysOps Administrator Certification. We will also describe the roles and salary constrain of AWS certified SysOps Administrators worldwide. 

 But first of all, let’s hope into the discussions about the AWS SysOps Administrator Certification.

The AWS Certification

The AWS or Amazon Web Server is a thought leader in the world of cloud computing services. From the beginning, the AWS introduced highly flexible and economically stable revolutionary cloud services. In fact, for providing such services, the AWS successfully surpassed the leading cloud service providers like Azure and Google cloud. And since then, numerous companies and organizations despite their size adopted the AWS cloud services and tools for their betterment.

Such global and colossal rate of adoption of AWS cloud services stimulated the demand for the AWS certified professionals across organizations. This is the very reason why the AWS began to provide certifications related to different fields of cloud computing.

Basically, there are 12 AWS certifications, and there is a certification available for each level of experience. There is a certification for entry-level cloud enthusiasts, while there are certifications for associate and professional level of aspirants too. In addition to that, there are other special AWS certifications which are based on a special field of cloud computing.

The AWS SysOps Administrator Certification

Well, as mentioned in the above context, in this article, we will be discussing the AWS SysOps Administrator Certification. This certification is an associate-level certification which is provided by the AWS association. Overall there are three associate-level certifications provided by the AWS. And the AWS SysOps Certification is one of them. 

However, the AWS SysOps Administrator Certification is a bit difficult to achieve in comparison to other AWS associate-level certifications. And there are certain reasons why this certification is difficult to gain. The best way to understand the reasons for such difficulty in achieving this certification is by knowing about the roles and responsibilities of AWS certified SysOps Administrators.

Roles and Responsibilities of AWS certified SysOps Administrators.

There are many crucial and critical roles that are played by the AWS certified SysOps Administrators in any organization. And such roles and responsibilities make them the most valuable part of the organization. The role and responsibilities of an AWS certified SysOps Administrator are:

  • They are responsible for monitoring the complete practice of AWS resources. And they will do so by making use of Amazon Cloud Watch.
  • Management and reduction of cost and time of production by making Amazon CloudFormation skills and techniques
  • Management and maintenance related to backing up AWS resources by the help of various AWS services.
  • Working to make essential developments and improvements in resources.
  • They also play an important role in tagging resources, while they are also responsible for prepare plans and fix costs for the sake of governance, budgeting and reporting purpose.
  • Disaster recovery management
  • Observing and noticing the degree of performance.
  • They are responsible for carrying out services like karnel patching and errata patching. 

So these are some of the most significant roles played by an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator in any organization. And indeed they are seen as an asset of an organization. This is the reason why they are paid well by their employers.

The Salary Constraint

So as we have come so far discussing the AWS certified SysOps Administrators, let us discuss “how well these professionals are paid in any organization across the globe?”

Well, as per some of the popular salary survey reports, it is discovered that the AWS certified SysOps Administrators earn $48,321 to $127,064 per annum. And such salary is justified as per their roles and responsibilities


The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator job is a tough job to carry out, but at the end of the day, getting paid well for any job is satisfactory. For sure, lump-sum salary, one can go through any obstacle, but the responsibilities are not obstacles though. So, this was all about the salary and roles of an AWS certified SysOps Administrators.