What is the best Excel training course?

Microsoft Excel is a home name. Almost everyone with a sound understanding of computer applications can recognize MS- Excel. It has been around since 1982, first introduced in Multiplan. It gained the eminence through MS-DOS in the year 1987. And the rest is history. Businesses use it; the education industry uses it. Almost every industry uses it to make the best out of the input data. 

Uses of excel

89% of companies use Excel for accounting functions; project managers use it to track things and make plans. Scheduling calendars, making goal plans, jotting down tasks lists, preparing checklists. All are done through this one application. MS-Excel beats down all other applications of Microsoft in popularity and usability. 

It has taught us to organize things, involve people and teams, carrying out CRM, staying in touch, mailing list, so on, and so forth. It has created a different place of its own in the world of business and IT industry. Today we do not find any professional who is not equipped with MS- Excel in his or her arsenal. You simply cannot count in numbers of its usability. 

It has become a standard form for planning, career development, developing strategies, event management, and project planning. In this article, we will discuss the best excel training course out in the market. You will tell you among all which are the best training courses available for you. Today these courses are cost-effective. You can also take the training for free on YouTube! But as we know, something which is for free is always not efficient. 

To grab a job, professionals need to be backed with credentials. These credentials can get you a job easily. As these certifications validate your expertise alone. So buckle up and get ready to know the best training providers in the industry.


Udemy provides beginner to advanced training in just $120. You get professional training from the 10+ years experienced trainers. The on-demand video is of 17.5 hours long and contains two articles with 37 downloadable resources. It has got a student following of more than 538k. 

Excel skills for business specialization by Macquarie University in Coursera.

This professional course by Coursera will cost you $150. The course covers essentials, intermediate and advanced specialization. The duration is of 3 months, of 11 hours per week. It is the best certification course for self-learners. 


From LinkedIn, this offering is one of the best certifications. You get a certification after completing the course and passing the examination. It has got 24k certified members. In this certification course, you get two project files, 15 chapter quizzes. The course is 8 hours long and would cost you around $125.


You get the best certification training and certification preparation form Simplilearn for $2000. There are around 40k professionals with MCSA certification. And this certification training can make you win the exam. This course is for fresh graduates, Analysts, Managers, and engineers. This certification can alone make you earn $16000 per annum in entry-level data entry positions.

This course is of 60 days long and will teach you each and everything about MS-Excel in detail. It further gives you insights into lab training and projects. 


This course is based on analyzing and visualizing data with excel. It will cost you only $99. This certification spans six weeks of detail study. This is quite affordable for students, fresher, and small business owners. 


This certification training is a subscription type of training. It will cost you $29 per month. This certification course has got skills from basics to advance. It is also available on android and iOS devices.

Ben Currier’s Excel Exposure.

This course is based on video learning. It will cost you around $150 for 40 lessons and ten free lessons. 93% of its students get a great score for MCSA certification.


We have discussed all the best options available to get trained for MCSA. This certification helps you to know Vlook up, pivot tables, data analysis. All this training makes you job-ready and, above all, enhances your personality. Today every student is expected to have expertise in MS-Excel. For accounting people, it is a must-have tool. This certification and knowledge with it make you unstoppable.