What is an AWS developer associate? And how do you become one?

Amazon Web Services is gaining popularity all over the world continuously. This certification is highly in demand amongst the IT professionals in the field of cloud computing. The associate-level certification of AWS includes the AWS Certified Developer Associate. 

The exam of the AWS Certified Developer Associate proves your knowledge related to the fundamental of AWS. It includes its uses, architectural best practices, basic concepts.

AWS is normally used everywhere in the world since it offers the function to develop or build and transfer any kind of application through the cloud. Obtaining the AWS Certified Developer Associate certification will enable you to get many opportunities and develop your skills to achieve a bright career path. 

Exam Details for becoming AWS Developer Associate

It tests your skills and knowledge in developing, debugging or fixing, and deploying the applications that are mainly based on the cloud using the AWS domain and the fundamentals of architecture. This exam is useful for providing the applicants with a clearer idea regarding the vital services of AWS and the architectural best practices in AWS. The applicants should also have proficiency in managing, maintaining, and developing the application on AWS.  

This exam lasts for 130 minutes and includes multiple response types of questions. This exam has a registration price of $150. This exam is present in numerous languages like English, Korean, and so on. In addition, you must score between 70-75% to clear the exam. 

It has some conditions that must be fulfiled before taking the exam. Firstly, it is important for you to get experience in developing AWS application for one or more years. Secondly, it is vital to have an in-detail knowledge related to one high-level programming language. Thirdly, you should have the expertise to write codes for any applications that are serverless. 

This exam can be taken countless times until the individual clears the exam. However, you have to wait for fourteen days before taking the exam. It is compulsory to pay the fee for the exam for every retake. 

Steps for Preparing

You can get your certification after you are successful at clearing the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam. To prepare for this exam, you can start by building a proper schedule for studying. Clearing this certification will offer better opportunities and a chance to pursue higher-level certification. 

Here is the list of steps that can be useful for clearing the exam.

  • Survey the materials 

Before you begin your preparation for the exam, you can start with surveying the materials and resources available to study from. Then you can divide the areas based on a specific time limit to go through all the concepts before the exam. You can also separate the topics based on your weak and strong areas then give time to the areas accordingly. 

  • Thoroughly Understand the Fundamental of AWS

It is a crucial part of clearing the exam. Since you have to prove your expertise and understanding of the basics and fundamentals of AWS, you can choose to improve your practical experience in AWS services to get a clearer idea of the various topics. 

  • Finding materials for AWS Developer Associate Exam

There are different sites online that provide practice training and mock tests for passing the AWS Developer Associate exam. Out of these, few websites give free content for practising, and others require payment for unlocking more practice exams. These websites offer free trials to candidates before they buy all of its material for training. You can also use the reference book provided by AWS if you prefer self-study over online mock tests.

  • Practice 

After you successfully go through all of the study material, you need to practice further. You can practice every day to gain a better understanding of all the concepts. Practising each day helps you to find your weakness, and thus, you have time to resolve those weaknesses. You can create a schedule for practice as well as study questions. Thus, it helps you to understand the topics with efficiency in less time.

  • Taking the examination

After completing the syllabus, you can give various practice tests and strengthen each area before the exam day. You must read the questions thoroughly before answering or solving them. Thus, while appearing for the exam, read all the requirements and then confidently give the exam.


Thus, taking up this AWS Developer Associate Certification can help you to get recognized and respected within your organization. It also increases your skills and knowledge in this field. In addition, it improves your resume and guarantees better career prospects.