HTOL Testing: Everything You Should Know

Inspections and assessments are crucial in developing and manufacturing a product. These tests will determine the quality and durability of the items you offer before offering them to your customers. Without evaluations like High-Temperature Operating Life or HTOL testing, your workers and customers could get hurt while handling your semiconductors. They could get electrocuted or burned while producing or using your products.

The HTOL testing procedure is one of the many assessments that could ensure your product’s safety. Along with other evaluations like those using the Highly Accelerated Stress Test or HAST chamber system, HTOL testing will also help you understand the limitations of your devices. If you plan to use such an assessment for your products, here’s what you should know about it:

1. What Is HTOL Testing?

Like the burn in test, HTOL checks allow manufacturers like you to understand the reliability of your product. They help you and your team learn about the capabilities of your device to operate at high temperatures.

2. How Does HTOL Testing Work?

You and your team could use a burn in board to check the capacity of your components at high voltages, elevated temperatures, and dynamic operating conditions. Your devices will undergo this stress test for a specific period at intermediate intervals.

3. Do I Need HTOL Testing?

You will need to perform HTOL testing if you manufacture or use integrated circuits for your products. Doing so will keep your workers and clients out of danger and use your findings as tools for extending the capability of your devices.

4. Where Can I Find HTOL Testing Services?

While you can perform HTOL assessments with your team, you could seek help from expert testers to ensure procedure safety, effectiveness, and efficiency. You could ask your fellow PCBA manufacturing companies for professional tester suggestions or use search engines to look for them.

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