Each year, ICMAI exams are conducted all over the country for aspiring students and potential candidates in the stream of accounts. This exam holds significant importance to such accounts students for it acts as a gateway for a thriving career and multiple opportunities in the stream of accounts and cost management.

Exam Schedule

The admission for the ICMAI exam takes place throughout the year. Though it is advised that the aspiring candidates complete the ICMAI exam registration at least 60 days before the month of the actual exam.

The end of the ICMAI registration for the Foundation, Intermediate and Final exam is stipulated to end in October 2020.Official date for the end of the ICMAI exam registration has not been announced by the university as of this moment.

The three ICMAI examinations shall be conducted all within December 2020,and the results of the exam will be announced sometime in February of the following year.

During the ICMAI exam registration, the foundation exam fee that needs to be paid is a total of Rs. 1,200. This amount can be paid by the candidate through an online medium or even by a demand draft.

The official dates for the foundation, intermediate and final exam have not yet been released by the university. Neither has the dates for the results of the exams above.

Difficulty of the ICMAI Exam

Several people say that the ICMAI exam or the CCA exam are some of the toughest exams to crack. One can say that ICMAI is a difficult exam,but that is simply due to the intimidation brought in by the wide and diverse syllabus that the exam encompasses.

Difficulty of any exam is a subjective matter. That being said, the ICMAI exam is not as difficult as people make it out to be. If the candidate is a graduate student who is average or above, then he or she can easily score a decent percentage in the exam.

There are a total of four papers in the foundation exam. The intermediate exam is divided into two groups (1 and 2) each with four papers of their own. The Final exam is similar to the intermediate exam with two groups (4 and 5) each consisting of 4 papers each
With a total of 120 questions, each answer is allocated1 mark. All questions are of multiple-choice,and the exam has no negative marking.

Knowing this brings the ICMAI exam into perspective as an exam which can be conquered with the right amount of dedication and practice.

The difficulty of the exam rests on how prepared is the appearing candidate. Those who are prepared will find the exam relatively easier compared to those candidates who become underhanded in the department of preparations.

Students who still find the ICMAI exam difficult can take up tuitions and take a course on the exam to get ready and be better equipped. To give a rough estimate, any student who feels unconfident can give the exam by completing the syllabus in roughly one and a half to two years, if they wish to crack the exam on their first try.

The level of difficulty of the ICMAI exam does not play as much of a role than actually being prepared for it. What is important is to recognise ones weak point and strengths and build on it on your own pace to get the best possible percentage in the examination.