Must-Know Facts about Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors have become a common sight in today’s households. People have started to prefer wood laminate flooring especially for the comfort they provide. If you too are willing to change your home’s flooring and wanting to shift to laminate flooring, we have listed some of the facts about laminate floors you must know.

  • Resembles plastic counterparts

Laminates are extremely similar to plastic countertops. Laminate floors are durable, solid, and strong. They can withstand items if dropped on them. Also, they are resistant to oil spills, water, etc. The best part is they are scratch-resistant. So if you have kids at your place, probably laminate flooring is the best option to choose.

  • Can be installed over any subfloor 

Homeowners nowadays tend to install laminate floors more so because laminates are a versatile option. They can be installed practically over any type of subfloor. You can also lay laminates over wood, concrete, marble, etc.

  • Comes at affordable prices 

Unlike hardwood flooring options, which are quite expensive, laminate floors are pocket-friendly. Also, they are available in a variety of forms, finishes, and designs. You can choose from a plethora of textures and colours and buy the one that caters to your personal choice.

  • Easily installable 

Laminates have to be locked together. There’s no hassle involved in laying laminate floors. Unlike the other kinds of flooring that require professional help, homeowners can themselves install this new flooring at home following simple DIY steps.

  • Best for allergy sufferers

If any of your family members suffers from allergic reactions when any foreign substance or item is introduced, laying a laminate floor is the best option. These floors don’t allow foreign particles, dust, or debris to settle, thus allowing allergy sufferers to breathe freely.

Laminate flooring is a great option to consider for almost all kinds of interior decor. You are sure to find a suitable laminate type as per your choice. They range from light colours to dark finishes. Also, they can be easily maintained. If you are looking for the best quality laminates, search for laminate flooring near me. You can also consult with a flooring specialist and take expert advice.