Which Compressed Air Dryer is Right for you?

The most common appliances in recent times have seen a rise in the use of compressed air and other fluids. This process has become an integral aspect of everyday use for the equipment we use. The most common usages have been in industries for chemical and mechanical aspects of heavy usages of process areas and power sources such as generators and much more. Compressed air’s technical capabilities are phenomenal as everything right from garages for automobiles to the building architecture industries has a vast area of compressed air application. These compressing units come in various shapes and sizes and with several types of blades and pistons. When you start using a compressor to meet your power requirements, you will realize that you also need a compressor dryer to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your dryer. But before that, you must understand what an air compressor is, and how should you invest in the one that is best suited for you.

What are Air Compressors?

An Air compressor is a device (also known as a supercharger) that converts supplied power into potential energy using the science of compression. It works on the simple science of compression of air. In storage, the air is compressed and kept so that it can be used later. Primary uses of air superchargers can be seen in inflating tires, balloons, and delivering oxygen in hospitals. In contrast, a higher level of compressors is in engines, large power plants, and air conditioners. To understand which compressed air dryer is good for you, you must know the variety of compressing units and the factors that may affect this decision. So, let us go through the same. There are various types of air superchargers like piston or reciprocating compression, rotary screw compression, centrifugal compression, and rotary sliding vane compression.

Dynamical types

The key features of dynamic compressors include rapidly rotating moving blades that draw air and generate pressure by rotating rapidly. With the help of the blades, the air is drawn in and, after that, it is trapped to build pressure regions. Once this is done, the air is finally let out. It is stored in the form of kinetic energy within the air or fluid compressed.

Axial kind of units

As the name suggests, these types of compressors consist of blades rotating at a tremendous speed, generating quite a significant amount of power. They are usually used in engines and airplanes due to their highly efficient and powerful characteristics. These types of compressing units are not so common in small projects.

Centrifugal units

The centrifugal-type compressing units usually consist of fluid-like air intake by a diffuser to some energy within. As a result, these compressors yield a huge quantity of compression in a little-sized machine. They require very little maintenance and also reach up to 1000 horsepowers. Their application areas are quite demanding chemical plants and construction sites with very high productivity.


No matter what you are investing in, budget is always a major decisive point. Budget is something that is a huge deciding factor. Every buyer has his budget and wants to fulfill their requirements within that limit. With the rise in technology and competition, air compressors are available in many variations. The companies are very competitive to provide maximum comfort in use, in portability, price, emissions, size, design, and efficiency. Money matters a lot, no matter how much you will try to ignore it or not think about it.


If the supercharger is small and compact as compared to heavy compressors, they make up for easy portability. Manufacturers also keep portability in mind to design it in such a way that it can be carried away easily from one place to another. They are mostly modeled with handles or even with wheels. The ultra-portables will work off the car’s 12-volt power, and they are small enough to store in a glove box or in the boot. Useful to have when there is no petrol station close by so that you can put some air in the tires. Easy mobility makes them a perfect match for caravanning and off-road 4WD touring, etc.

Life expectancy

This is one major factor that will affect your decision-making. The expected life of any appliance determines the rate of depreciation and gives an idea of the rate of return on the investment you will make in purchasing it. Suppose you buy an air supercharger from some local store and save a few bucks rather than investing higher in a branded compressor, which would cost you a bit high. But, the supercharger gets dead in half the life of what would be branded one would last. Did you actually save money?

Online Reviews

Even after all the parts, working and maintenance have been looked upon, and it will be best if you check online reviews for different brands, models, and prices. They would genuinely help you get aware of practical and to use advice. Reviews might even let you price fluctuations and the discounts that brands provide. Every brand has a promoting and marketing team to showcase its products, but reality can be known only through reviews. So, do not miss them at any cost.


Today, compressing units have gained quite a significant place in the daily needs of businesses and industries for their daily requirements. They have become an inevitable part of our daily lives. To make the most out of them, selecting the proper type of compressor is based on the requirements of the application area, power needs, and type of pressures needed. Notably, they could be used for varied personal uses as well. They can be quite efficient if appropriately managed and could be used for application in varied areas. Thus, the next time you go to purchase a compressor, make sure you are aware of the relevant characteristic requirements and the type of fluid that needs to be compressed for varied purposes. Their reliant characteristics and easy-to-use facets make them more suitable for all the industrial areas. So, must decide wisely as to which compressed air dryer is right for you.