PDFBear Services: The Highly Recommended PDF Website

The means of living today links technology to how we create a lifestyle or seek job opportunities. As part of this digital era, we have to be equipped with knowledge and skills to take advantage of the technology. It includes excellent character to start learning, such as adaptability and versatility.

It is most advisable that you begin an awareness of electronic files and devices. Whether you are a student or an employee, electronic files like portable document format or PDF are most commonly utilized because of its compact design and convenience. However, it can be a burden and difficult to manage if you don’t know how to maximize them.

In line with this, learning with one of the most excellent websites on the internet today will make you even more effective and productive. Thankfully, PDFBear is a superb website mainly designed to aid possible electronic file issues. The PDFBear tools will enable you to resize, split easily, and convert PDF files. Now, to get started, learn through the information below.

Reduce PDF file size with PDF Resizer

Adobe designed the PDF as the most compact file format among all other file types, making it an ideal file format for several reasons. However, difficulties might arise; the most common problem encountered when dealing with PDF is its large size. It indeed disables them to send the file through webmails. Gmail, for instance, has a fixed size required when sending files.

This problem stays inevitable, so, to solve this problem, you need to compress or reduce its file size. PDFBear is an excellent site that solves your PDF issues and concerns. It features the PDF Resizer that enables its users to compress PDF files online for free. As such, the PDFBear will correctly resize your file up to 70% of its size and preserves its original quality. Follow these easy steps in resizing your PDF file.

  • Go to their website and upload your PDF file by clicking the “Select Files” button
  • Choose from available options on how would you like it to compress
  • Wait until the system finishes the scanning and resizing phase
  • Download and save your newly compressed PDF file.

Sort out file page with PDF Split

PDF Split is one of PDFBear’s excellent tools that manage your PDF files, especially if there are so many pages in one file. This tool is also another way of resizing your PDF file. This tool enables you to select pages from a file and sort them out as separate files or documents. On top of that, PDFBear ensures to keep you guided with these set of easy and quick steps.

  • Transfer the PDF file on their server by clicking the “Select Files” tab visible on their page, or you can utilize their “drag and drop” feature, which makes file transfer quite faster.
  • Once you’re done uploading, the tool will allow you to select or choose particular pages that you want to split from the PDF file.
  • You can refine or polish the selected pages.
  • Finally, download and save it on a separate file location.

Change your file format with PDF Converter

PDF files’ innate feature is its read-only design disabling you to edit the document. That’s quite a hassle, so changing the file format will be the best solution. The PDFBear does not only split or compress PDF but also convert. With PDFBear, all of your PDF concerns will surely obtain a high-quality solution. Conversion will take up only less than a minute if you follow the steps correctly.

  • PDFBear will convert any file format, whether it’s Word, JPG, PPT, or Excel. Drag any file you wish to convert and drop it to the server.
  • The tool will take up a few moments to scan and convert your files.
  • The finely converted file will appear on the page with the “Download” button visible on its right side.
  • Download the file and save it to your computer, tablet, or mobile device. You might also share the file with your Google User Drive.


With so many PDF software that you can see online, make sure that you opt to have standards in trusting only the most reliable and safe PDF platform. You do not have to risk your files’ security for a website that doesn’t reach your preference.