Shapewear Mistakes You Should Avoid

Don’t you want to look sexy and stunning in any clothes you wear? Irrespective of what your body type and size is, it is important to put on your secret garment to look stupendous in any attire you wear. Wearing shapewear is essential for style conscious ladies. If you have adopted shapewear and you wear it regularly, then you would want to make the most of it and avoid making any shapewear mistakes:

Picking the wrong size

Fit is important if you want to get the most of your shapewear. If you have a bad fitting, then switch to a good one and you will notice the huge difference it will make. 

A lot of shapewear are made of render compression in targeted areas to enhance the curves of the right place and contour your body well. If your shapewear doesn’t fit you properly, then it will put compression in the wrong place and yield a poor result.

You may want to get a size down to look slimmer but it will have an opposite impact and add to the troubled areas. It will give you a spillover effect. Make sure you measure your bust, waist and hips with a measuring tape and then place your order online. Go through the sizing chart of the garment mentioned online and order the one with accurate measurement to ensure proper fit.

Wrong fit for your body

It is important to optimize your shapewear as per your body type. While one shapewear may look amazing on one person, it may be a wrong style for you. For instance, a rectangle like body type will need butt lifter thigh trimmer, but someone with pear body type would need a butt minimizer.

If you want a slimmer waist, sleeker thighs and perky butts, then choose your shapewear wisely. Make sure you try different options before finalizing one. Once you find the right fit for you, it will give you miraculous results.

Wear just one garment

When you have chosen your shapewear style, don’t make the mistake of using just that. you may be missing the other choices available that will enhance your different outfits on different events. To get the most out of your shapewear rotate different pieces. You will be amazed to see how they transform you completely.

Some of the shapewear options available are:

Waist trainer belt: Wearing a waist trainer belt enhances your figure within seconds. 

Thigh shapers: No matter you want to wear a bodycon dress or need a smooth foundation for your pants and skirts, thigh slimmers offer the right compression and eradicate the cellulite and troubled areas.

Butt lifter thigh trimmers: They are designed to be worn for jeans and jeggings. They enhance your butt and compress your thighs. It will enhance your figure by slimming your waist and thigh and making your butt look perkier.

Shapewear tank top: Shapewear tank top is designed to hide your muffin top and bulges. They enhance your shape and make you look your best. 

You have many other shapewear options which target different trouble areas such as bra bulge, all over body shaping and posture support.