The Benefits of a Proper Bike Fit

Finding the correct bit fit is absolutely essential to training safely and successfully. Our posture and exercise habits make a huge difference to our health and wellbeing in the long run, so it’s incredibly important to ensure that you are carrying yourself in the best way possible each and every day. Your physiotherapist is your prime resource for learning how to move responsibility, treating your overall physical condition to optimum mobility and health through a holistic range of techniques. Here’s why asking your physio about working to correct your bike fit is so important…

How it makes a difference

Nagging aches and pains getting you down? So many of us are more than happy to put underlying annoyances on the back burner and wait for them to turn into a full blow injury. The key to optimum wellness is prevention, and not cure. Taking care of your body and mind ensures that you’re always in tip top condition, which is what we all know that we want, right? So if you love getting out there in the fresh air and seeing all that there is to see from the excitement of your bike, then you should definitely be looking into correcting your fit. The right bike fit is going to…

Improve Comfort

Comfort is the biggest and most significant thing that you’ll notice once you’ve undergone a bike fitting session. Comfort is key to longer, more enjoyable rides. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a casual cyclist, this is essential.

Prevent Injury or Stress

As noted above, prevention is always going to be better than cure. Western medicine tends to rely far too heavily on treatment instead of overall well being. Bike fit will ensure that you are caring for yourself and your mobility in the long run.

Reduce Back, Knee, Wrist, Forearm and Neck Pains

Pain in the back, neck, knees, wrists and forearms are incredibly common for those who choose to cycle regularly, and chances are you’re no stranger to them. Good news! A correct bike fit will make these a thing of the past/

Solve Saddle Discomfort

Another vice of the cycling world, and an avoidable one at that. Getting the correct seat height will save you so much fuss and pain both long and short term – no one needs that discomfort when they’re trying to exercise!

Cure Hand or Finger Numbing

Numbed hands and fingers often go unnoticed amongst keen cyclists, but this actually is not what you want and it is a direct result of ill fitting bikes and incorrect posture.

Minimise Fatigue

Save yourself the energy of pain and discomfort, you’ll have extra to put into the ride!

What is a bike fit?

Now that you know just how bike fit can help you, you should read up on what to expect! Your physio will take you through many steps and assessments to ensure that your bike is suited to your exact requirements. This will likely begin with a comprehensive musculoskeletal screening, which will pinpoint your precise measurements, condition and needs. Tailored services are one of the biggest advantages of physiotherapy treatment! Measurements will be taken and measures will be made both on and off the bike to accurately assess your form in relation to your machine. Other attentive assessment areas will include analysis of static posture, anatomical body alignment, dynamic joint mobility, flexibility, and measures of lumbo-pelvic ‘core’ or ‘trunk’ strength. Each of these will be recorded and worked upon to ensure that you are as comfortable and successful on your bike, every time you ride. Other variables such as injury history and overall lifestyle will also be factored in as your professional modifies your bike to create a better fit. Usage will then be monitored through video recording or assessment to make doubly sure that you are riding in the optimal manner possible.

Bike fit is going to help to improve your performance and your overall experience when you’re doing what you love most – cycling out on the road! Whether you’re all too familiar with the woes of an incorrect fit, you’re looking to optimise your physical performance or you simply want to ensure that your brand new bike is adjusted to you and your needs, then you’re going to really get a lot out of a bike fit session. Start searching for bike fit options like Evoker to move towards better long term health today.