The Best A R Rahman Films Dubbed In Telugu

Watching A. R. Rahman films being dubbed in Telugu is an exceptional experience for viewers. Most of his films are evergreen for the audience. There are many films by A. R. Rahman being watched in Telugu that is soothing. The movies online of A. R. Rahman have a great demand among the audience and hence many producers keep dubbing the films that are worked by Rahman. The Telugu audience is very lucky due to the awesome films in other languages are being dubbed. The action, dramatic, sensation and thrilling films have been releasing now and then in Telugu. If you see the words click here online never miss the chance because you will get in touch with the world’s most super films online.

An exclusive sensation is awaited when watching the films which have the songs done by A.R Rahman. Being an Oscar winner he has never hesitated to do local films which he is familiar with. His dedication and commitment to scoring music for local films are top on the line. The fans who are all present throughout the world always waiting for his music so eagerly. Hence, the films that have the music of A.R. Rahman are considered super hit due to the special audience Rahman has.

Rojais an exceptional Telugu dubbed film directed by ManiRatnam. The story of the film deals with terrorism and the hero who was caught by a terrorist. Asides terrorism, beautiful love between a husband and wide is also shown interestingly. The songs of the film are super hit throughout the country and this was the first film for A.R. Rahman. The top actors of the film are ArvindSamy and Madhubala. The film had a huge success in the box office and the movie was released in the year 1992. The movie was produced by K.Balachandar.

PriyuraluPilichindi is a Telugu romantic and sentimental film released in the year 2000. The film was directed by Rajiv Menon with top leading heroes like Mamooty, Ajith, Aishwarai, taboo, Sri vidya. The film music was scored by A.R.Rahman. The songs were super hit and it rocked the entire Tamil and Telugu cinema world. The story of the film is nicely written and the screenplay was amazing when considering the number of actors in the film. The film had a good run at the box office and the movie was produced by KalaipuliThanu. The total duration of the film is about 158 minutes.

Mariyan is a Telugu dubbed film released in the year 2015. The leading actors of the film are Dhanush, Parvathi, and Jagan. The film was directed by BharathBala. The music of the film was scored by A. R. Rahman. The songs, as usual, attracted a large section of the audience throughout the country. The movie was produced by VishwanathRavichandran. The story deals with a young man who travels to Sudan hoping for his better life. His obstacles and love are the main features of the film. The film had success at the box office and earned good reviews.

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