The Key To Success Is Legal Representation

You are most likely here because you have suffered a personal injury accident that has left you with emotional, financial, and physical repercussions. These are incidents that can occur at the blink of an eye, even when you least expect it.

What if we told you that the aftermath of your accident can be lessened if you simply hire an attorney? By seeking the assistance of top personal injury lawyers in Florida, you will have a better chance of attaining a successful settlement. Please join us throughout this article to gain vital information on potential personal injury accidents, alongside with the benefits of hiring an attorney when tackling each of those injuries.

Personal Injuries

Let’s go ahead and review some of the possible common accidents alongside with their legal implications.

  • Swimming pool accidents: In South Florida, we have the benefit of enjoying the privilege of beautiful weather year-round. As a result, swimming pools are the prime “go to” spot to refresh and lessen the blistering heat. Unfortunately, one of the most common personal injuries happen at our local swimming pools. Cracked skulls, sprained limbs, and broken bones are common injuries, while more tragic events include water poisoning and drowning. Most of the time, these are events that are enabled by negligence of those who are supposed to ensure the safety of those who are within the pool. It is important to understand that the legal basis of this type of accident is categorized as “premises liability.” Further causes can include:

  1. Lifeguard negligence.
  2. Improper training of lifeguards.
  3. Lack of proper safety measures including lifeguards.
  4. Overcrowded pools.
  5. Broken/Defective pool gates or fences.
  6. Insufficient or defective lighting.
  7. Cloudy or murky water.

  • Pedestrian accidents: Research studies done by the University of South Florida has stated that 21% of deaths caused by car accidents are pedestrians while being on road or sidewalks. Furthermore, 20% of pedestrians must be treated for severe injuries leading to hospitalization, while 75% of them undergo ER visits. Reckless driving, as well as operating any vehicle under the influence make it nearly impossible to respect road regulations that are meant to safeguard the lives of all pedestrians. Negligence thus once again becomes a recurring theme when it comes to personal injury accidents. If proven, that the accident was caused by said negligence, the victim has the right to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in search of owed reparations.

  • Dangerous drugs: If you have been affected by prescribed medical drugs by a doctor or hospital, that has further complicated an underlying condition, you are entitled to seek financial and legal compensation. These incidents tend to be categorized as either medical malpractice, or instances of legal liability of the hospital and drug manufacturers. Due to the added physical stress and medical expenses, you have every right to seek compensation.

Legal assistance

Now that we’ve reviewed common accidents and their legal definitions, let’s go ahead and delve into the benefits of hiring an experienced lawyer when these accidents occur in the first place.

  • When dealing with pedestrian accidents, a competent lawyer will be able to compile a thorough investigation of all the events leading to and that caused said accident. Gathering witnesses, evidence, and performing detailed questionnaires will fortify your overall claim for compensation. These are assets that only an attorney has at their disposal.

  • In swimming pool accidents, a personal injury lawyer will assist you by dealing with the insurance companies representing the pool owners, lifeguards, or water providers. If the accident resulted to be extremely traumatic, there will be no chance that you will effectively be able to handle the pressure of the insurance companies. Let an attorney relieve that enhanced stress, so that you can focus on getting better.

  • Instances dealing with ill prescribed drugs are far more complex because the dangerous reactions have to be proven and recorded. Furthermore, you’ll need the assistance of a legal representative to help you fill in the necessary paperwork of the claim. If your claim goes to trial, your attorney will prevent the necessary evidence

Now that you are more educated on the legal benefits of hiring a lawyer throughout these instances, we hope that you’ll make a sound decision when pursuing your claim. Compensation will only be delivered to you with top personal injury lawyers in Florida by your side. Call one now!