Tips to Albania tourism that you should follow

Situated in Southern region of Europe, Albania is an interesting and popular tourist destination. Albania is a wonderful place known for sparkling beaches, fortress towns and mesmerizing mountains. Albania tourism will open the door to Europe’s finest culture, it amazing beauty, interesting past and valuable tradition. Owing to the rustic aura, Albania has not witnessed much advancement. It is again popular for ruins and every traveler must explore them. There are some handy tips you can follow while traveling to Albania.

How to book cheap flights to Albania?

Many travel companies online offer cheap flights to Albania. Utilize the price comparison portal in order to find a suitable deal. Go for budget-friendly flight deals and low cost air tickets. Well, the flights in Albania land in Mother Teresa International Airport.

Learn how to speak English

Language can be a huge barrier between you and the locals. It is important to practice speaking English for the locals know the language very well. By conversing fluently with the locals, you will surely enjoy Albania tourism. After English, you may even practice a bit of Italian language.

Find budget-friendly hotels

If you are travelling to important cities of Albania, then you are sure to find budget-friendly hotels offering cheap accommodations. You need to look for them online and get information from the locals. The cost of accommodation can be 15Euros if you devote sometime to locate budget-friendly hotels. Nevertheless, Albanian meal is cheaper and has undergone Turkish influence. Albanian platter may consist of meat, kebabs and soups. The meal is filling and affordable. You can enjoy ice cream or settle for coffee after the meal.

Safe to travel

People of Albania are friendly, approachable and hospitable. But, as the locals are religious, you got to follow their norms. You are not supposed to discuss politics, personal likes and dislikes and religion with them. Greet them respectfully and don’t sound rude or offensive for that can land you in trouble. Be good to them and they are good too. Women can dress up modestly.

Be careful in Lazarat

Albania is already a safe country but there are certain places where you need to be careful. Lazarat is one such place where you have to exercise travel precautions. The crime rate in Lazarat is quite high and so be careful.

Don’t forget to carry your ID card, necessary documents while traveling to Albania. Don’t drink tap water and get to know Albanian language. Visit places of historical importance like Kruje Castle, Apollonia and other archaeological places.