What You Need To Know About B1 English Test

It is a level of CEFR. B1 test includes speaking, listening and vocabulary. When you pass and get the certificates of B1 English test. Then only you will get the visa of a country where the people communicate with each other in English language example Uk if you are able to communicate and understand the language. Then you have a good chance of getting a good percentage in your result. People ask questions like what we should do so we can speak and understand the English language properly. So the answer is if you want to speak fluently. Then you have to practice every single day.

You should not see it as a task. You just have to involve English in your life. You can communicate with your friends or any family members. So what will happen your vocabulary will be improved. And after some time you will speak fluently. Then the main is that you should understand what the other person is trying to tell you. Suppose you can understand that much also is very good. Do not think that I cannot do. Everything starts from low then it slowly increases if you work hard.

B1 Level Exams

You are at a level where you can practice. Practice in the sense you can learn English you have time. After some time you have to give a test. So the examiner will see you how well you do. The results can come within a week also of your test. It is not a state exam. So the result will come fast. You do not have to wait for more. If you pass or fail. Do not worry if you get fewer marks also you can give the test one more time also. There are no rules that you can give the test this much time only. You can give until you want a mark which a visa requires.


You have to communicate on a topic. Ask questions to the examiner. So you will have a good impression. Mainly the examiner will see that can you understand what he or she is saying. And can you respond to the particular question with a correct answer? Do not be scared of the examiner. They are not strict. He or she will just test your English, that’s all.


The examiner can ask you common questions like what do you do. How many members are there in your family? There are no tough questions. And the topic will be so easy. If a normal child who knows to communicate in English. Can also tell you what is going in the given topic so just try to give answer clearly with a good keyword. You can make words of vocabulary, which you can use at the time of the exam, by using high-quality English words. You can pass the exam fast.

You will get 5 minutes. So in that 5 minutes give your best shot. Speak clearly and with no hesitation, if you have a doubt, tell the examiner to repeat the question again or clear it. If you are confused about anything, you can ask the examiner.