invisible ink contact lenses for sale

What is an ink contact lens and how to use them?

Invisible ink contact lens also called infrared contact lens are used to cheat in the game of poker or any game which includes playing cards.

The invisible ink contact lenses are very hard to find by the untrained eyes of the security at the entrance of the casino while those experienced can catch the cheater.

If the person who is caught having any kind of cheating device inside the premises of the casino will be banned from entering the casino.

After they are caught, they can also be sent to jail if the casino owner decided to make a police complaint about the fraud of money and the cheater can be jailed.

They will also be fined by the casino as well as the Police if they want to get out of jail and they are not allowed to visit that casino ever again.

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Contact lenses are safer

The answer is yes. They are much safer and harder to detect according to the eye colour of the player and also the colour and quality of the lens which they choose.

These contact lenses are made especially by the company from which you are buying the cards as they will have a similar formula.

The formula will have the correct colour mix and the point where the infrared lens should be kept so that you can see the markings on the card.

Sometimes if you buy marked cards and contact lens from two different markets, then you cannot view the markings.

This can also result in irritation in the eye, which is a clear indication that someone is wearing a contact lens, and you will be caught immediately.

Do these lenses hurt the eyes?

If you are buying a contact lens of good quality, then it is likely to not hurt your eye, but if you randomly select any lens, it might irritate the eye.

This irritation can also lead to redness in the eye and a disease called conjunctivitis, which is a very deadly and fast-spreading kind of virus.

So it is also advised by the marketplace seller to take the best item according to the review and the rating of the product which you are buying.

The price of these lenses is less as they are very easy to make and also the making cost is very less compared to the sunglasses version.

Also, there are different kind of infrared contact lens which can be equipped that is in sunglasses, spectacles, magnifying glass, and the lens.

The most common way of cheating is the marked cards and the contact lens to see the secret and invisible marking made on the card.