Web design blunders to avoid

You must have heard that a business without a website is limited in the level of success it can achieve. That’s the truth but what matters most is if the website can help you achieve your business goals. In the new decade, a website will make or break your business goals. That’s majorly on how your website works and how easy it is for visitors to navigate and cut out ways of conversion.

Don’t rush into designing a website just because others are doing it.

When designing your company’s site, avoid the following mistakes.

A website that’s not mobile-friendly

Research has shown that over 90% of those who access the internet today do so through their mobile gadgets. That is more than two-thirds of the world’s population, and with the high level of mobile penetration, the number is expected to grow significantly in the years to come. Therefore, if your designer is not keen on designing a mobile-responsive website, then you may end up losing lots of traffic, and soon, you may realize you’ve no visitors.

A mobile-friendly website is easy to flip through, and the design is attractive, and the visitor should be able to navigate easily. That way, your site will rank highly on the search results.

Your site taking long to load

Most mobile users’ attention span is less than 8 seconds if the latest statistics are anything to go by. If your site cannot load in less than three seconds, then you can be sure not many people could be interested. Thus the designer should ensure your pictorials are well balanced with fewer videos to provide a high load speed. If the speed is low, you will e edged out of the market.

Not Reader-friendly font-sizes

When designing your company website, you need to have your site visitor in mind. One of the most important things to consider is how easy it is to read your content. Too small font sizes will keep them off- no one wants to struggle reading stuff that will make them strain. Thus, you need to find out how the well-performing sites have done in terms of their font sizes. Nobody has time for squinting over content while reading, and this is a flaw that your Web design Horsham company must avoid when designing your business website. Preferably, the body texts should be around 14px, and Sans Serif font is the most preferred when it comes to fonts.

Too many links to the browsers

One of the slippery slope steps to a bad user experience is having too many links that open new browsers. In as much as you want to link your work to other authority sites, you need to minimize such. You should have at most two external links and a few internal ones where necessary. That will make it easy for the user to navigate your site without wasting time and avoid the feeling of being dragged to unnecessary sites.

When designing your business website, you need to bring a few things to the fore. Ensure that the user can easily navigate, and the information you want them to get should be accessible and easy to ready.