How Technology Has Been Used During The Global Pandemic

Over the last 12 months, the entire globe has been affected by the pandemic caused by Covid-19 and their majority of our lives have been altered in some way. Due to this, we have relied heavily on technology during this period to get us through multiple situations and below we investigate just how we have used technology during this global pandemic.

First of all, many of us consumers have been using technology as a form of entertainment so that our time during lockdown and staying at home can be enjoyed through technology. For example, online streaming services like Netflix has seen a rise in numbers during this period, Sony and Microsoft have brought out their new gaming consoles in which people have flooded to stores to purchase and keep entertained at home. Because of the stay-at-home ruling by many governments, technology has been one of the only forms of entertainment during the period.

Another area of online tech entertainment has been through the roof during this period has been online gambling such as at This is because many people working from home have saved money due to travel costs and not spending money on lunches and have been using their extra disposable income on these casino markets to try and produce a profit from the comfort of their own homes. IT’s not surprising that these sites have been benefitting when you look at the quality of site that they have on display.

Furthermore, because many stores have been shut to combat the spread of the virus, many consumers including ourselves have been using online e-commerce stores to do our everyday shopping as an alternative to going to the stores. This hasn’t just been because of stores closing as supermarkets have been kept open throughout the lockdown as an essential shop, but many of the general public have been worried to leave their house and potentially catch the virus in which they could then spread on to a vulnerable person and so online e-commerce has really benefitted during this time.

And finally, many have been using their periods in lockdown to work on their health and fitness and have therefore purchase some form of wearable technology to be able to track their progress and so sales of wearable tech such as the Apple Watch have gone through the roof. Even with the pandemic starting to slightly ease, we still expect that the wearable tech industry sales will continue to rise due to the health benefits that it offers.