3 Telltale Signs You’re Ready to Go Solar

Over the past few decades, solar power has reached new heights of popularity across the United States. More and more homes have integrated solar power into their day to day lives. You may be considering if the time is right for you to make the switch as well.

If you’re still on the fence about going solar, you may need a few details to help push you over the edge. What signs should you keep an eye out for that might help you to go ahead and make this final decision?

Read on, and we’ll walk you through a few major ones.

  1. Your Energy Bill is Too High

You wouldn’t be alone in feeling frustrated about how much cash you have to hand over to the energy company at the end of each month. If you’re desperate to find a way to save on these monthly expenses, looking into solar power could be a huge help.

Solar power is more affordable than ever. There’s no cost involved in harnessing the power of the sun, after all — it’s hanging up there for all to use.

It is estimated that homeowners could save thousands of dollars over the years after switching to solar power for their homes. If you’re interested in this sort of investment, it is best to make the switch as soon as possible so that you can start saving.

  1. You Get Lots of Sunlight

The more sunlight your home gets, the more you have to gain from switching over to a solar energy source. You can step outside of the course of the day and look up to your roof. How much sun is it getting?

If you get a good amount of direct sunlight over the course of an average day, you are looking at a huge amount of free energy that you are not taking advantage of currently.

Installing solar panels can help to rectify that situation. You can speak with one of the local solar companies in your area to help decide what steps to take.

  1. You Qualify for Incentives

Solar power already saves you a great deal of money. However, you might be qualified to save even more money, thanks to incentives and grants from the federal government.

These incentives can help shave a significant margin off the cost of installing your solar system. Right now, the government has an incentive program that gives more than 20% off of solar unit systems installed this or next year.

There are even more potential incentives available at the state and local level. If you do a little research, you can determine which of these you qualify for. That’s a lot of money to be potentially saved if you act fast!

Reasons to Go Solar Now

If you’re considering switching energy sources in your home, you should consider the above telltale signs. If these apply to you, it might be time to go solar as soon as possible.

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