How the Slack and Salesforce Integration Can Benefit Your Business

Recently, it was announced that Salesforce acquired Slack for around $27.7 billion.

If you use one, or even both of these platforms, you may be wondering how this will affect your business. After all, you may need to change the way you do things now that these two platforms are closely integrated.

Below we’re going to look at how your business will be affected by the Slack and Salesforce integration. If you have questions about this recent business deal, this post will help you determine how things will impact you.

Let’s begin!

The Products Will Remain the Same

To start, we should mention that the products will remain the same for the most part. Slack will still work the way it currently does, and the same will be true of Salesforce.

That said, you may experience some changes in regards to pricing, as the integration may now lead to a new pricing structure. For instance, if you currently use Salesforce, you may at some point also gain access to Slack as part of your payment.

Improved Customer Support

One of the great things about this integration is it allows companies to provide improved customer support. That’s because, as part of this integration, you’re now able to receive Salesforce notifications inside of Slack.

So, if you have a Salesforce app that helps with customer support, you can now set things up so that this app sends notifications to Slack.

This makes it a lot easier for staff to deal with customer support inquiries, thereby improving how customers feel about your company.

Pull Salesforce Data Within Slack

Another good thing about this integration is it allows you to ‘pull’ Salesforce data from Slack.

For example, suppose your sales team is discussing a particular customer account. Thanks to this integration, your sales team can now type in ‘/salesforce [account name],’ and they’ll be able to pull the details of a certain account.

This makes it easier for salespeople to collaborate, which then shortens the amount of time it takes to solve problems.

Setting Everything Up 

The coming together of these two companies makes things easier for people who want to integrate Slack and Salesforce.

However, it’s worth noting you may still face some obstacles if you’re trying to get these tools to work together. That’s because you may have to create some awkward workflows, or you might need to adjust some code.

Thus, if you want everything to go smoothly, you should contact a business like Cloud First Labs, which specializes in Salesforce.

With their help, you should be able to make everything work properly, thereby allowing you to make the most out of this integration.

Will You Benefit From the Slack and Salesforce Integration?

If you use Salesforce or Slack, there’s a good chance you will benefit from the Slack and Salesforce integration.

It’s worth noting this sale is still ‘fresh,’ and so you may not experience many benefits right away.

Due to this, you should closely monitor the comments released by these companies. If you do this, you can quickly take advantage of any new features that come about as a result of this integration.

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