5 Ways To Take Care Of Solid Wood Furniture In Singapore

Everywhere you go, you can never miss seeing furniture. If you are in your home or visit a friend, they have things you also have in your house. There might be differences in styles, shapes, and colours, but they all give the same purpose. However, owning solid wood furniture in Singapore is not all about buying and using. You also need to take care of it like what you do with your other things. And if you do not know how to start, research is your best friend.


People have different choices in furniture. They can go for the one made of glass to make the place look elegant. Some people prefer buying solid wood furniture to make their homes look nature-friendly. If your home is Scandinavian-inspired, furnishings made of wood are what you can consider having. But before buying one for your home, you must know how to take care of it, and here are some tips you can use:


Using rough materials on solid wood furniture can cause scratches and other damage. Do not let it happen by using clean water and wet cloth when cleaning. Waxes and other cleaning materials are helpful, but ensure they are for your furniture. You can ask the seller about the effective ones and see what your furnishing needs.


One of the damages you will encounter in your wood furniture is that you can already pick them. Even if you have temptations doing it, you should think of what will happen to it. Ensure you can fight the urge, especially if you do not have the budget to buy a new one. You can ask the help of furniture sellers and see what you need to do about the damage.


Using harmful cleaning chemicals can affect the durability of your solid wood furniture. You will also notice that the problems worsen if you use it on others. Before assembling the furnishing, you will see a guide on the box. It is what you will use if you want to know how to use the product correctly and the dos and don’ts. It includes the harsh chemicals you should avoid using.


Exposing your furniture to direct sunlight can affect its quality. You will notice that the wood is getting brittle, and the colour is fading. As a furniture owner, you would not want that to happen. If you have outdoor furniture, using an awning and other shelters can help protect your things.


Solid wood furniture can also be a victim of pests, and you need to be aware of them. They can cause many problems with your things, especially if you do not get rid of them early. Some pests you might encounter are carpenter ants, termites, and beetles. Call a pest control company immediately if you see one in your home. Never let them stay in your place, as they can damage your entire home without you noticing.

Following these tips can make your furniture last for years. You do not need to worry about the damages because you know what you must do. Also, contact professionals if something happens that you do not know how to fix. Remember that solid wood furniture in Singapore needs extra care, and you should provide it.


Aside from learning to take care of your furniture, you also need to know what you should have in your home. Look at your living room, kitchen, and bedroom to envision what furnishings you need to buy. But, it is better to think of a theme or colour guide for your home to make thinking easy. Many homeowners want a Scandinavian theme for their homes, so here is some Scandinavian furniture you can buy in Singapore:



If there is one piece of furniture you will always see in homes, it is the coffee table. If you have a visitor or want to stay in the living room, you can place your things there. This Scandinavian furniture has different colours and styles that you can match with your home.


For people looking for furnishing in their room, a side table is what you might want to consider. You can put many items there, especially if the one you have has drawers. As the name states, put it beside your bed to get your things without difficulties.


If you need solid wood furniture that you can place in your kitchen, buy a dining table. Choose a size depending on your kitchen. Also, the style must match your interior. It is where you and your loved ones will spend quality time, so ensure it is presentable and high-quality.


A work desk is also what you need to buy if you are working at home. This furnishing is helpful for people doing their business online or in the middle of a work-from-home setup. Pick one with drawers so you can put all the things you need.



Another solid wood piece of furniture for your kitchen is the sideboard. It could serve as an extended cabinet for your kitchenware and other things. But if you do not want to place it in your kitchen, it is also okay. You can have it in your room to put clothes or books, depending on what you like.


If you buy a coffee table, do not forget the sofa. These two always come together to complete the looks of your living room. You can also use it if you want to rest and do not want to go to your room yet.


Wooden bed frames are also available in Singapore and are one of the furnishings you should have. Your bedroom is incomplete without it because it could make the space bigger. Remember to include this on your furniture if you want a comfortable sleep.

Having furniture in your home completes its looks. You can also use something if you need storage or want to add new things. They also help people who want to rest, especially after a long day outside their homes. If you want the same for you, visit the website of Born in Colour. They also have a marble table in Singapore.