Should You Try a Tingkat Delivery Service in Singapore?

We imagine a lot of things when we try to picture foods and culinary traditions from our past. Perhaps we think of the candies or treats we used to eat as kids, or maybe some local delights or street foods. For many older people in Singapore, it might remind us of older days when our mothers, wives, and other loved ones would pack our favourite meals into cylindrical stackable tins. These food tins were perfect for busy people who wanted to eat and enjoy comforting home-cooked foods while they were outside. And while this practice fell out of fashion, recently it has made a comeback. Singaporeans started a revival of delicious, traditional, and nostalgic dishes brought to the doorstep via Tingkat delivery in Singapore.

The significance of Tingkat to Singaporean culture

Tiffin or Tingkat carriers are a nostalgic keepsake dating back to the 90s. Many families utilised these tins for their children to keep the foods warm and fresh for them. Because of their usefulness, the tiffin carrier holds great sentimental value in Singaporean culture. It reminds us of our grandparents’ cooking, the taste of warmth and homeliness, and our rich and proud local culinary history.

Nowadays, we are blessed to have many options for the things we want to eat. We can try the delicate flavours of Japanese cuisine, savour the aromatic taste of Italian and French foods, and fill ourselves with hearty Chinese meals. We can try all of these foods in dozens of restaurants scattered across the country or have them delivered straight to our doorstep.

But none of these hit us like a meal that reminds us of who we are. The shape, style, and smells of Tingkat might change but the essence is still there. Instead of having to pack and create Tingkat meals yourself, you can check out one of the many restaurants offering Tingkat dinner delivery services in Singapore. You can have one prepared by seasoned chefs and dropped off whenever you want to. You can even schedule your meal deliveries whenever you want to. Another great option is to have your Tingkat meals via a meal kit service.

What are food subscription services?


Not everyone is blessed with the time, effort, and skill it takes to create great meals for their family. Many Singaporeans are too busy to focus on responsibilities like providing nourishing meals for themselves and their children. Others may not know how to portion or cook their food. A few may simply not have enough energy to cook their meals every day. Faced with these issues, many people have to turn to caterers or purchase store-bought food for their families.

A family can still find ways to obtain food at predictable times per day or per period. They can do this via a food subscription service, also known as a meal kit. Under this model, a culinary company will make and prepare portioned meal boxes and deliver them to a subscriber’s doorstep. Subscription services range in length from a single week to months on end. You can even modify the frequency of your meal boxes if you wanted to.

Food subscription services are immensely popular in families where the primary breadwinners cannot reliably supply food by themselves. Now, coupled with the resurgence of Tingkat’s popularity, you can enjoy Tingkat meals delivery services by subscription. Companies such as Select Catering have a constantly revolving menu of healthy home-cooked items that you, your partner, and your children will surely enjoy.

Should you try out Tingkat delivery services?


Singapore is not devoid of meal choices. You can easily find multiple dining options if you do not wish to cook at home for your family. You can pick up one of the numerous food delivery hotlines or place an order on a food delivery website. But Tingkat delivery is attractive to many families for several reasons. Here are some explanations for why you should choose them.

1) You can get a little variety in your meal plans

When families are left alone to plan their meal schedules, they have a tendency to cycle through their favourites too often. If you feel like your cooking is too uninspired, or if you think you are eating the same foods from takeout or fast food places, you might want to choose a Tingkat subscription plan. The catering company will devise a healthy menu for your family and avoid the same tired favourites from appearing on the menu too often.

2) You need something a little healthier

At the heart of Tingkat deliveries are hearty and healthy traditional meals. Tingkat catering services in Singapore strive to create healthy meals and often provide alternatives for balanced diets and directions. You are in better hands with the subscription service than ordering takeout all the time.

3) You won’t waste time in the kitchen anymore

While everyone loves to eat, the time and effort it takes to create a hearty meal is not something everyone has. Sometimes, we want to eat our meals and skip all the hassle of preparing them. If you are just craving something nostalgic and local, then you can’t do much better than having a Tingkat delivered straight to your doorstep. You can modify your subscription service to deliver once a day or as many times as you want, saving you from precious wasted moments in the kitchen.

4) You can customise your meals to suit your tastes and dietary preferences

You cannot always request substitutions when you eat out. But if you or one of your family members has a dietary restriction, it may complicate matters. You can find customisation options on many subscription-type boxes to circumvent this.

Let you and your family experience the joys of fresh, high-quality offerings. Select Catering provides a variety of buffet and catering services for every occasion! Reach out to them about Tingkat meals delivered straight to your doorstep or mini buffet catering inquiries in Singapore!