7 Caricature Wedding Invitations In 2020

Getting married is going to remain one of the landmark moments of a person’s life. Couples want to celebrate the D-day with their loved ones. Deciding upon wedding invitations is perhaps the foremost step in the process of getting married. 

Naturally, wedding invitations become one of the most integral parts of any wedding. Wedding invitations do much more than just carrying out information about the wedding nuptials. They reflect the couple’s style, thoughts, and speak volumes about them. In the age of digital mediums taking over conventional ones in all avenues of life, wedding invitations too, have become digital. Digital wedding invitations are a better way to tell a couple’s love story to use a digital medium which is not limited by just words on paper. An e-invitation is visually rich, graphically appealing, and is almost a breath of fresh air.

Distributing paper invitations to hundreds of people is a thing of the past. With digital invitations becoming a norm among the younger lot getting married, many people have now moved towards caricature invitations. Caricature wedding invitations are made via a graphical representation of the couple’s face and body which is made to look comical and animated. 

With a creative take on mundane digital e-cards, InVideo’s video maker lets you make caricature wedding invitations that are engaging, quirky to the fullest, and can be customized as per the couple. 

Here are some latest caricature wedding invitations which will become a hot trend in 2020:

  1. Theme-based caricature wedding invitation video:

If a couple is going for a themed wedding, the chances are that their wedding trousseau and other elements in the wedding are going to follow the same theme. Couples can now get caricature wedding invitations designed with a theme that they are following. It could be anything from the bride’s choice of flowers to the colour scheme that the couple is following. If it’s a destination wedding, the wedding invitation video can be based on the destination. The invitation can have the theme from whatever destination has been chosen- be it a beach, the hills, or even an even a quaint farmhouse.

  1. Bollywood-based caricature wedding invitation video:

For couples with a dreamy love story straight out of the movie screen, going for a Bollywood-based caricature wedding invitation is the best choice. Couples can choose their favourite filmy avatars for the invitation, which is made using a slideshow video maker app. They can depict themselves as characters from their favourite films or mimic an on-screen couple they adore. The video can feature phrases from popular films the couple relates with. The entire content on the invitation can be customized Bollywood style. Bollywood based caricatures are the most fun, and people have a great time decoding them. 

  1. Doodle-based caricature wedding invitation video:

Doodles have become the next big thing in this new decade. Many products and merchandise these days feature doodling. Doodling caricatures on wedding invitations look especially mesmerizing. This special art gives a more personal touch to the video invitation. 

Made by InVideo, doodle-based wedding invitations will feature intricate drawings to depict the couple’s journey. A similar technique will be used for the content on the invitation. This type of caricature wedding invitation is all things cute and will be a hit among the artistry couples.

  1. Regional caricature wedding invitation video:

For conventional and traditionally-inclined couples with a modernist approach, caricature wedding invitations can be the simplest. Caricatures in the wedding invitation can be customized to the region both the partners belong to. The many elements in the invitation can be designed per the religion. 

Invitations for a catholic wedding can look distinctively different from a South Indian wedding just by the difference of elements. For example, the caricatures will be wearing regional attires in a regionally-specific decorated environment. The terminology on the invitations will also feature regional words. This gives a personal touch to the invitation. 

  1. Fairytale-based caricature wedding invitation video:

Most women want a wedding right from inside that of a fairytale. Having a wedding on those outlines is almost a dream come true for many. The same customization can be done for wedding invitations using an invitation video maker app. A fairytale-based wedding invitation can be crafted with caricatures depicting a royal look. 

The overall feel of the invitation will feel imperial with special calligraphy on the text, indentation on the background, and colossal borders.

  1. TV show-based caricature wedding invitation video:

TV shows have become a part of people’s lives. This can be incorporated into wedding invitations as well. Couples can choose their favourite TV show that they like to watch together or a TV show that they relate to. The caricatures of the wedding invitation will be based on the characters from the TV show. Caricatures of symbolic articles from the show can also be used haphazardly on the invitation.

  1. Simple caricature wedding invitation video:

There are plenty of inspirations for a caricature-based wedding invitation, but nothing beats the simplest version of it! The wedding invitation can even feature almost mundane things from the everyday life of the couple. Using simple caricatures of them, couples can use InVideo to create a wedding invitation that truly stands a class apart.

InVideo houses brilliant tools to create caricature-based and more such wedding invitations. The popular video maker lets people craft different invitations in exceptional formats.