7 Mistakes a Good Rummy Player Will Never Make

Most rummy players in India play rummy just to pass time. If you are at home with your family, rummy could be a great way to pass your time. A deck of cards is all that you need to play rummy offline. However, thanks to technology, now you can also enjoy this marvellous game online. Khelplay Rummy is an excellent app where you can enjoy rummy card games online.

Be it rummy gaming online or rummy card game offline, there are some mistakes that a good player of rummy would never make. Here we have listed out seven such mistakes. If you make any of these mistakes in spite of years of playing rummy, it is time to correct your habits.

Not Arranging Cards in Proper Order

While you may think that arranging cards in a peculiar manner is a matter of choice, it is not so. It is a matter of expertise and all good rummy players arrange cards in their hand properly. The purpose of arranging the cards in a proper order is to ease remembering cards. The good players arrange cards that are to be disposed to one side of their hand. They arrange joker cards to the other side of the hand. The central portion is what holds our visual focus. This is the reason why all main cards are arranged here. Cards that form sequences are placed here. Similarly, arrangement of cards that may help to complete sequences by adding cards are also arranged here.

Not Disposing High Point Cards

Rummy is often played with points. In all such situations, the winner is the person who completes his hand first and has no points in his hand. The loser is the player with maximum points in his hand. This is the reason why high point cards are a burden in rummy games if they are not part of a sequence or a set. A good player will always dispose off high point cards that are not useful to him. Not disposing such cards can be a big mistake and good players will never make such mistakes.

Not Making Optimum Use of Jokers at Hand

Jokers in rummy card games are like wild cards in Uno. They help you complete the game sooner and create a gateway to victory. A good player is sure to know this. That is why, whether he plays rummy online or offline, he is make the optimum use of jokers at hand. They will use jokers to complete real sequences and even melds. They may even use jokers to reduce points in their hands. Only players who do not clearly understand the benefits of a joker will make the mistake of undermining its use. These people may not make optimum use of joker and may eventually lose the game.

Not Assessing Opponent Moves

It is very important to assess the moves of the opponent in rummy games. Evaluating the cards disposed by the opponent gives a better picture about the cards in the hands of the opponent. It can help you plan your future moves accordingly. New players or players who have not yet learnt to strategize are the ones who do not observe opponent moves. These are players who tend to lose frequently because of their inability to use the grey cells. If you are an avid rummy player, do not make the same mistake. Next time you play rummy, pay attention to cards played by the opponent. You may then decide your moves accordingly.

Not Focusing on Life First

Be it real life or a simple game of rummy, life should always be the first priority. In rummy games, life is the minimum arrangement of cards upto which your hand maybe regarded as a full hand. The definition of life may vary based on the variation of rummy games you are playing. In 10 cards rummy game, one pure sequence is regarded as life. In the standard 13 cards rummy game, one pure sequence and one real sequence are together termed as rummy. A player is charged full points if the opponent calls it rummy before he forms his life. Individuals who waste time forming melds or gathering jokers before the life is formed may end up paying complete points. In series rummy card games such as Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy, the points in your hand may decide whether you continue to play or you are knocked out. This is the reason why no good player would be foolish to ignore the significance of life in rummy games.

Not Holding onto Cards Opponents May Need

Like any other game, rummy is also a competition. The purpose of each player is to win. This could also imply that you do not allow your opponent to win. A good player understands this fact. That is why he does not ignore the moves of the opponent. He keenly observes the cards disposed by the opponent. He tries to understand what the move implies and plans his moves accordingly.

For example, a good player will understand that when the opponent drops a certain card, he won’t need the adjacent cards of the same sign either. For example, if your opponent drops a 6 of hearts, the chances are high that he won’t need a 5 of hearts or a 7 of hearts. You can dispose these cards without hesitation if you don’t need them. On the other hand, if your opponent starts disposing low point cards, you need to get alert. This could imply that he is about to complete his hand. Most people first disposing cards that are adding points to their hands. So, disposal of low point cards imply that they have only those cards as waste cards. This shows they are about to complete their hand. You may then decide your moves accordingly.

Not Choosing First Drop and Second Drop When Need Arises

First drop is quitting the game even before the first move. People choose first drop when they have a very bad hand and chances of completing the game are few. Second drop is quitting the game after a few moves when you see you won’t win the game. Good players understand that choosing first drop and second drop could be necessary at times. You are charged minimal points for first drop. Double the points charged for first drop are charged for second drop. When people have not completed their life and the opponent seems to be close to winning the game, expert players choose second drop. Only poor players hesitate to quit and end up paying much more points than if they had chosen second drop.

Now that you know the different mistakes good rummy players will never make, correct these habits and become an expert in rummy yourself. Practice rummy on the Khelplay Rummy app and have fun.