Top five advantages of online consultation

Now the facility of online doctor consultation is a new normal. People share their opinion gladly in favour of teleconsultation. 

It takes time to accept the changes, but now the things moving forward with many new normal. Old age people who regularly need to visit the hospital for their check-ups, now feel content with the teleconsultation services, where all the diagnoses and consultation perform in the comfort of home. 

Now, the people in a remote place can easily connect with the best medical expert and get valuable advice to take good care of their health. 

The survey reflects that the ratio of doctors to patients in India is 10000:1. In addition to that, 90% of specialised doctors are practising in the top 10 cities of India, which causes a lot of difficulties in the semi-urban areas and rural parts to get easy access to them. Online doctor consultation has bridged the gap to a major extent. 

Let us have some main advantages of online doctor consultation. 

No need to plan hospital visit: 

Usually, doctors are available in the morning for the consultation. If you are a working professional, you would need to figure out a separate window for around 1 hour to visit the hospital and see your doctor in one to one consultation. 

In online doctor consultation, you don’t have to worry about traveling. All you need is to have a suitable wi-fi connection and contact the doctor as per their time of availability. 


Teleconsultation is cost-effective and pretty much affordable in comparison to physical consultation in the hospital. If you have medical insurance, things wouldn’t feel too much burdened, otherwise it is difficult to manage all the medical bills. 

Get your prescription: 

If you are suffering from a skin allergy, you can show it to your doctor through video conferencing. The doctor would closely observe the issue and offer a prescription.

Sometimes, the doctor may ask for some physical test, that too can be done online. You can share your report via chat, and then the doctor would send you the prescription. You can order the medicine online or get it from the nearby medical store. Thus, everything can be carried out online and in the comfort of your place.

No scope of hesitation: 

Some ailments are quite personal, and the person might hesitate to talk to a doctor face-to-face. When you connect to your expert virtually, things are no more uncomfortable. You can share your problem without any hesitation.

After listening to your problem, the doctor would prescribe you effective meditation to eliminate your health issue.

No risk of infection: 

This is one of the main reasons why online doctor consultation is at its peak at present. People avoid going out, so they can save themselves from getting infected.

On a sad note, most of the hospital is occupied by Corona patients. One should visit a hospital in an extreme situation only; otherwise, getting consultation online is preferred.

If you are looking for an online doctor consultation, then do not make it a delay. Find a reliable platform and choose the specialist you want to talk to. Know about your unhealthy sign and get the proper medication to stay healthy and fit.